Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I worked until 1 this morning and then went straight home to bed. At 9:45 the phone rang, it was my mom. She was wishing me a Happy New Year and plotting for the Biggest Loser contest, which starts on Sunday.

That was a good way to wake up, not that I couldn't have slept for a while longer. But I was glad to know my folks are getting excited. If we can maintain that through the first 45 days of the contest, the exercise and eating right will be habits and the other four and a half months should be a breeze. So to speak.

Right now I am at my Dad's waiting for him to get home from the hospital. I would like to note that it's obvious I got his knees. Anyway, I am here delivering the ice cream he brought for Christmas, of which there was plenty left and to help wrangle dogs. The ice cream had to leave my world.

I don't know if you've ever had major surgery, but dogs go ape when you get home after a few days. Add in the pain you are in and well, it's too much fun.

I think I heard the car door, better run.

Happy New Year, Kate

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