Sunday, May 30, 2010

Painting is Exercise

Just wanted to update you - almost 5 hours of painting is definitely sweat inducing.  I know I worked hard because I am currently icing my knees and ankles.  However, the living room looks awesome, so it was totally worth it.  I am now fully showered and dog sitting at my mom's.

Next week, painting my bedroom!!!

Yours in Health,

Sunday - That's All

I am getting ready to walk out the door at work.  I am going home to paint the living room.  Then off to babysit my mom's dogs overnight.

I don't think I will make it to the gym today.  But hopefully painting will make up for that. :) 

Oddly, (being funny here) I am tired after this long week.  I really wish I had tomorrow off like the majority of America, but hopefully it will just be two or three hours.  Oh well, whine, gripe, whine, gripe.

Have a great Sunday!

Yours in Health,

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday? I've heard that's a good thing...

But it means nothing to me these days.  I have had six days off since the end of December.  One I was sick, one I was recovering from my SVT incident, the other four were actual days off on this thing called a 'weekend'.  I am tired and burned out, but I just keep plodding forward. 

This morning it was a 3:45 alarm going off.  To say it was a struggle is an understatement.  Last night there was a huge fight in front of our house and by the time I dealt with the police and left messages for city council members, because this has to end, I finally settled down to fall asleep about 10:30 - not a great night's sleep.  In fact, I had a dream that I was fired for working too much!  LOL.  I think that is probably proof I do!  By the way, a big thank you to councilman Skip Moore, the only one of three council members I called to answer his phone.

Now, I am running Ken & Colleen's Kids again, a radiothon for the Children's Miracle Network.  You can donate by calling 1-800-456-2772 or going to

When I am this tired I only want one thing, eggs and toast and hash-browns because every minute of the day feels like morning.  Instead, I had a big bowl of high fiber oatmeal with almonds.  I am not denying myself anything, but no one is open for breakfast on the way here at 4 am. :)

There will be no workout today.  I am dropping it in lieu of a nap, my body is getting cranky.  But I plan one for tomorrow and maybe Sunday too.  So that will be at least five and maybe six this week.  My abs will appreciate the break.  I hit it hard on them yesterday and I had done core work this week with Gwyn as well.  I made them sore enough that rolling over in bed this morning made me smart.  LOL.

The rest of my day will be air shifts, editing interviews, going out to do three Outstanding Women interviews and get other shifts ready to go for the weekend.  It's another day when I will get home about 7:30 p.m.  Tomorrow though, I will sleep in until 6:30 am - livin' large!

Hope you have a good day! 

Yours in Health,

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trying to keep up with Myself

My day started at 3 a.m., I had to run the broadcast for Ken & Colleen's Kids, our Children's Miracle Network Radiothon on STAR 102.5.  It's a great cause, the program helps make the kids more comfortable while they often fight rare or life-threatening diseases at the University of Iowa Hospitals.  If you would like to give, call 1-800-456-2772.  All money raised stays in Iowa.  So, I ran the board, then off to do two interviews for LITE 104.1's Outstanding Women You Should Know. 

Then to PT with Kristi at the YMCA Healthy Living Center.  We agreed that I have made great progress.  In fact, after my hard weekend last week, I did very well with pain, it was a huge step forward!  So, we are cutting back to once a week.  They will happily tape my knee between visits if I need it.  But otherwise I am going to continue my exercises on my own and my workouts with Gwyn and hope to keep moving forward.  Yea!

After PT I went back to work to finish up a couple of hours and then headed off to my third interview of the day for Outstanding Women. (These are last year's awesome women.)  The point behind OW is to acknowledge the women who are the fabric of our community, the ones who work behind the scenes and are unsung.  It's a real honor to meet these women and get them to open up about their stories.  They are always flabbergasted that anyone thinks of them this way and don't' believe they are really out of the ordinary.  But they really are a wonderful part of our community. 

The website will be updated a week from Monday with our 2010 Women and then they will make an appearance in a special section in the next !ntuition Magazine.  BTW - This a is a great way to directly market to women, call our director of publishing Kari Elbert if you are interested in putting an ad in the issue.

Well, I better go, another way too early morning tomorrow.

Yours in Health,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spinning Just Within My Control

I am having the kind of week where, if I don't have a note telling me where to be next, I will forget everything.  So, sorry I forgot to blog yesterday, it's getting crazy.

Quick workout updates with Gwyn at YMCA Healthy Living Center:  Monday was lots of upper body, tough but good.  Tuesday was a morning water workout when I confused my times for physical therapy and refused to waste a trip to Clive.  Then with Gwyn in the afternoon it was kickboxing and core, still loving boxing - even used my new gloves.  Today it was lower body and some core and to be honest, compared to the other two days this week, it was easy.  However, the first two were really hard, so it's all relative. 

My dad is doing well post operation for his hip.  Thank you for the kind words via e-mail and post.  He is doing two PT sessions today, so he will be exhausted tonight.  I am so busy I am probably not going to get to Mercy West Lakes to see him.  The good news is he is on track to check out tomorrow.  BTW - I wanted to share my opinion of Mercy WL really quickly.  Now, no one has asked me too, but I have to gush. 

What a beautiful facility!  It's actually visitor friendly, you can find that cafe and the patient rooms are the nicest I have seen.  I am really impressed.  Plus, the staff are a great bunch of pros and really on top of things.  I have felt completely comfortable with my dad being there.  I even rested my eyes for a few minutes in the lobby on his floor when he needed some privacy and it was so serene I nearly fell asleep - not what I think of when it comes to a hospital.

As for me, my PT went well this morning.  I was noting to Kara that after a weekend that went like mine, my knee would normally be screaming, if I could walk at all.  Now, after just a few weeks of therapy, it is a bit sore, but that's it.  I'm not finished yet, but I feel like I can see the sign to find the end of the tunnel.

Well, I have to go, I have two interviews I need to do this afternoon for LITE 104.1's Outstanding Women You Should Know.  I will tell you more about that as soon as I get chance.

Yours in Health,

Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Unexpected exercise:  Friday, bowling was more physical than I remember.  Saturday, I was helping my friend Marianne stuff bags for an event this week and we were walking in circles stuffing two bags at a time.  I decided to do it as quickly as I could, at a pace I could maintain.  It not only burned calories, but my forearms are still a little sore from using them to hold the bags full of goodies.  So, not bad.

Yesterday, I did my workout at the YMCA Healthy Living Center and then had dinner and went to my nephew Caelen's soccer game.  He is awesome!

Yes, I am biased, but only to a point.  Caelen races up and down the field, always giving his all.  His foot work is improving greatly and he has follow-through to make it all the way to the goal.  Not bad considering when the season started, he had never played.  At six and a half he already has amazing coordination and drive.  He is serious and yet has fun. 

His dad, Casey, and Annette (step-mom) had taken him to a Des Moines Menace game on Saturday night.  After his game yesterday we were hanging out and I asked him if he still wanted to be an astronaut.  He shook his head, "No, a professional soccer player, like the Des Moines Menace or bigger."  LOL.  Well, he shows great promise.  Casey and Annette have done a great job of both quickly teaching him technique and sportsmanship; I am really proud.

Well, I have to make a couple of calls and then get to the gym.  My trainer Gwyn at the HLC is available early.  It will work out well because my dad will probably be out of surgery about the same time I am done working out.  I will give you an update on that tomorrow, but I expect it to make dad a much more mobile person.

Yours in Health,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy Sunday

Busy seems to be the only adjective in my life.  I worked this morning, worked out at the YMCA Healthy Living Center - kick board and water weights - then off to dinner at my mom's, watch my nephew's soccer game and on to make the most of a sale at Lane Bryant.  Whew.  Then I actually did a load of laundry, of course there are like five more that need done - but hey.

Right now I am tired.  But tomorrow I will crow about my fabulous nephew and his superstar soccer skills.

Yours in Health,

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Crazy Saturday

First, I want to say I had a blast bowling last night for NASCAR community day!  (And it's more exercise than you think!)  I was paired up with NASCAR drivers Matt Kobyluck and Joey Gase.  Matt is from Connecticut and had his son along because it's his birthday weekend.  Joey is just 17 and from Cedar Rapids!  We also had a fan, Ryan, bowling with us.  Everyone was great, you can tell NASCAR is a real family and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Thanks to Craig Armstrong and the gang at the Iowa Speedway for inviting me.  If you are looking for great racing, Newton is the place this weekend and three other weekends this summer.

Now, my crazy Saturday:  I will finish writing this, do a shift on LITE, fix an Information Iowa problem, help a friend with a project (where we walk around in circles for hours filling bags) and then it's off to do another charity event.  This time it's the volunteer effort Give Back Des Moines.

I will be broadcasting from 4-6 this afternoon at Principal Park, they are having family activities as they encourage people to pick a non-profit to volunteer for.  Then after that I plan to stick around for a while at the Iowa Cubs game, they play at 6:35.

Weee!  With a day like this, I better get going.  Hope you have a great one!

Yours in Health,

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Off

My life has been so busy this week I am behind on everything.  So, I am going to take a day off from working out today.  Instead, I plan to workout on Sunday morning before I go to my mom's for dinner.

I am doing two workout-oriented things today.  I am finally going to buy my boxing gloves. (Yea!)  And I am going bowling tonight.  The bowling is for work, sort of.  It's the national NASCAR community day and I have been invited to bowl with NASCAR drivers at Bass Pro Shops as they raise money for charity. 

It should be fun and I have invited my dad to come watch.  He's a big NASCAR fan.  Yesterday, I found out he is finally having hip replacement surgery.  He has been hobbling around since right after he had his knee replaced last year.  To watch a man who is young, just 61, and tough as nails be in so much pain has brought me great pain too.  You never wish surgery on someone and yet, I am glad he will finally have relief.

Well, I better go get back to it.  Have a good day!

Yours in Health,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pushing the Knee

I met with Kristi at the YMCA Healthy Living Center for physical therapy today.  She took me upstairs to try my knee on the bike.  I was surprised it was relatively pain free.  Then we tried some other exercises.  One of the ones that really pushed my luck was standing on one leg on a balance disc.  My hips are so twisted that to have the least amount of pain in my knee, I had to stand sort of sideways. 

Kristi believes my hips are a big part of the problem.  The way they align, when I lay down my feet go out to the side instead of staying straight up and down, like normal people.  She did a lot of stretches and realigning to work on that.  One area that stretched as well was my left calf, which has also become a problem.  She said that is because it's trying to make up for the weakness in my knee.  It's a busy place in my left leg. LOL.

After I was done with PT it was on to the pool for a workout.  You wouldn't believe the amount of effort it takes to move weights through water or do crunches in the water.  It's pretty cool and by the time I am done I know I have worked out. 

Yours in Health,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Checking Under the Hood

I worked out with Gwyn today at the YMCA HLC.  I love how hard she pushes me and she brooks no whining, unless it actually hurts. ;)  My upper body will be rubbery for a couple of days.  But as always after a great workout I felt awesome!

Afterward I had to go see my regular family doctor (actually a nurse practitioner) as a follow-up to last week's SVT incident or, as I have gone to calling it, 'the incident'.  I figured while I was there I would also have my annual female exam.  They did all the usual tests and drew some blood. 

I wanted to point this out because too many women neglect themselves.  We don't go to the doctor unless we are really ill or there's an emergency.  An annual exam is extremely important and can save your life.  They check your blood pressure, lungs, heart rate and of course you get a pap smear and they check your breasts. 

I know a ride in the stir-ups is about your least favorite memory, but this simple test can find a myriad of diseases.  Plus, during the lovely 'pelvic feel-up' (totally not the term) they could find ovarian cancer - a silent and deadly killer of women.

So, do right by you and your body and get a once over under the hood.  It's the best way to assure you will be around to keep doing for everyone else. :)

Yours in Health,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Make the Big Bag Pay

Another busy day... Why do I even point that out anymore? :)

I did physical therapy at 6:30 this morning with Kara at the YMCA Healthy Living Center.  I feel like I am making great strides.  Certainly taping my knee cap so it makes my inner quad fire is helping immensely.  The other day I went up the stairs at home without thinking about it.  I take that as a major victory!

Then in the afternoon it was a meet-up with Gwyn at HLC.  She took me in and we did boxing.  Man I love that.  Everything has conspired against my getting to buy gloves these last couple of weeks, but it absolutely will get done this week some time.  I want to be beating that bag more often.  Gwyn noted I wasn't as mad yesterday because the bag mainly stayed in one place.  LOL.  That doesn't mean I held back at all.

In between rounds of punching the bag I do lower body moves to keep my heart rate up and it becomes a solid cardio experience.  Awesome!  I highly recommend it for great cardio and attitude adjustment. 

Afterward I rushed back to work to finish my day.  Ran home and watched my friend Karess' daughter Rhiannon for an hour.  (She's the sweetest little girl - 2)  And then changed and went to South Pacific.  It was wonderful.  The revival came straight from Broadway and is worth being a little tired in the morning.

If you get a chance, check it out.  It's at the Civic Center through Sunday.  Two highlights for me were the guy who played Billis and the baritone that played Emile.  The actor who played Billis became the character.  Emile had a baritone that made every woman in the audience sigh.  It was really wonderful.

Yours in Health,

Monday, May 17, 2010

A New Week

Yesterday was the culmination of a very long week.  I worked at the station and then worked at LAZERfest from 5:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.  It really put my body through the ringer.  I believe my big saving grace was taking healthy snacks to eat.  I ate every couple of hours to keep my energy up.

Toward the end of the night as my energy wained I gave in to needing caffeine and grabbed what was available, Mountain Dew.  Then I ate a handful of Doritos and someone wandered out to the grounds and brought back warm mini fried donuts, I ate three.  I know that may look bad, but if I peek back at my history at concerts and festivals - It's actually impressive.  In fact, I am proud of myself.  These were small indiscretions in one long day and if I beat myself up, I will accomplish nothing.  Will I repeat it today?  Of course not and that's why it's o.k.

As for this new week, very tired because of yesterday.  But still went and trained with Gwyn at the YMCA Healthy Living Center.  It was a good hard workout and my abs know it. :)  Then this evening I went to my Intuitive Eating class at the Mercy Weight Loss and Nutrition Center with Dietitian Katie.  I find the very concept fascinating and am trying to pay closer attention to why I eat and when.  I also think hard about whether I am actually hungry or in fact thirsty or frustrated. 

The overall concept of really going back to child-like eating, in that (before we adults ruin it) kids are quit self maintaining.  They eat when they are hungry and don't when they are not.  They do not eat when they are bored, because kids are still learning and growing and rarely find boredom.  When they are feeling sluggish, they naturally crave the right foods to get back on track.

And then of course, generations of 'clean your plate' people go and ruin that.   ;)    The book and class really are an eye opener and I am already looking forward to next week.  Well, speaking of food, I actually am hungry and it's beyond dinner time, so I am headed home. 

By the way, I have changed the settings for the comments on the blog.  I had made it so people had to register after some angry and disturbing comments, some of which had to be removed.  However, I really do want to open this up as a forum for people to interact and support one another.  So, with that in mind you can now comment freely.  However, comments will be monitored and approved, simply so that no angry people make unwanted and unwarranted appearances again.

Yours in Health,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Working at LAZERfest - Packing my own food

I am just heading out the door to work at LAZERfest.  25,000 screaming fans can't be wrong. :)  Rain or shine, there I will be. 

Like with any major event where I am likely to work 16 hours, I am taking my own food.  Fans aren't allowed to take in food, but luckily I am staff.  So, no fried food and beer for me.  I am bagging protein bars, oatmeal squares, apple slices, baby carrots and nuts and dried fruit.

There are two advantages - 1. I will not be off my healthy eating.  2. Eating this healthy will keep my energy up, even when I feel like I am running out of steam.

I'll be honest, I am taking a pillow and blanket just in case my body cries foul.  After my 'incident' earlier this week, I need not push it too far again.

Have a great day!

Yours in Health,

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Busy Saturday

I got the pleasure of spending three hours at Jordan Creek Town Center today.  Not for junk food and shopping galore, but instead for the cause of making people healthier.  I did a broadcast for the Mercy Weight Loss & Nutrition Center and YMCA Healthy Living Center.

We were promoting the fact that the two have merged into one building offering every weight loss and health option under one roof.  People stopped by to ask questions about everything from bariatric surgery to Opti-Fast to nutrition.  It was a great chance to let everyone know that there are a plethora of options when it comes to getting healthy.

I was talking to one lady who was considering bariatric surgery and looked a little embarrassed when I told her I was losing weight through eating right and exercising.  I told her everyone is different.  No ONE option works.  In fact, even in cases where on the surface it appears the same - like Opti-Trim - everyone has there own approach.  That's because everyone's issues that lead them to be obese are different.  She should just be proud that she cares enough about herself to make a change and get healthy, whatever her ultimate means.

And that's the great thing, the people at Mercy WLNC and HLC want you to succeed in the healthiest way possible.  They are supportive and appreciate that you are going to have bad days and good days.  As time goes on you will even have great days and they will celebrate those as well.  Getting healthy isn't a race, it's a journey. 

It's a journey because it's for life.  Your only destination is health, but as we have proven before (or at least I have) you think you have arrived and the truth is - you have only begun.  If you don't maintain your path for life, you will lose the ground you have gained on your journey and have to start your travels again.  And as a person who has done that, I recommend girding your loins for the long haul instead - it's actually much easier than trying to lose all the weight again, I promise. 

Remember, when you are ready to make your change, there are links on the right that can help.

Yours in Health,

Friday, May 14, 2010

What a Week!

I apologize for not posting since Monday, but I have had my worst week in a while.

Tuesday I was feeling better, so I worked, worked out with Gwyn, did physical therapy with Kristi and then went to the dentist.  I had my teeth cleaned and then headed to the mall to return some shoes.  I was just sitting down to try on a different pair when - WHAM!  My heart started racing.

I tried to breathe my way through it.  I tried to write it off as an asthma attack (which happens maybe one every couple of years).  Then it was anxiety, I tried for deeper breaths.  Finally, 10 minutes in to this I realized - there was no 'getting over' this, I needed assistance.

I asked the clerk to just return the shoes.  She asked if I was o.k., I said I just wasn't feeling well and staggered from the store.  I knew I was a 4 minute drive from Mercy West Lakes Hospital and in my mind it was much faster to drive there than wait for an ambulance, especially because I had no idea what was happening to me.  So yes, I did something I am now advising you not to do - I drove myself to the hospital.

By the time I arrived I was ready to pass out.  My breathing was shallow and my heart was going so fast, I thought it would explode.  It was more hard flutters than actual beats as my hands and feet started to feel numb and I began slurring my words.

The nurse rushed me into the treatment room and soon there was a whir of activity surrounding me.  Megan the RN and Dr. Smith had a brief discussion after reviewing my symptoms and tests.  Dr. Smith then told me he believed it was supraventricular tachycardia.  It's a heart rhythm disorder that can strike out of nowhere.  It had driven my heart rate over 200 beats per minute.  (Example - Average resting heart rate 80-90.)

Dr. Smith told me he was going to give me a medication that would slow my heart down, but it would feel kind of like a truck going through me.  He pushed the drug into my IV and guess what?  Very right.  But the first dose didn't work and he had to double it for the next round.  That really smarted and my left side felt like it ceased to exist.  But my heart rate slowly lowered to about 100 over the next ten to fifteen minutes. 

They kept me for observation for a few hours and then sent me home with instructions.  They told me this was probably brought on by stress and lack of sleep.  It can affect anyone from birth to 99.  It can also happen with too much caffeine, but oddly, I don't drink enough for that to be the issue. :)  So, instead they told me to rest and then resume my regular schedule as I felt o.k.

To say it scared the crap out of me is an understatement.  I stayed home Wednesday and did my best to sleep.  To be honest, it was a bit daunting to lay down and close my eyes after my heart was so out of control.  Then yesterday, I slowly worked my way back in.  I worked and took two naps in between.  I did go to physical therapy and did a water workout as well, and here is why...

I have been down this road too many times.  I just get things moving in the right direction and something stupid happens.  I have, in the past, been rear ended in my car, injured my knee, had cancer scares, etc.  I refuse to let this be an excuse.  I refuse to stop, I have to keep going. 

Dr. Smith said I could do just that.  I don't have to give anything up.  This could happen again or it could never happen again.  If it becomes an ongoing thing, then I will have to be treated in another way.  When I look back I can name small incidences of this, but they only lasted a few minutes and I wrote them off.  SVT is not life-threatening, but it has to be treated.  O.k., so now that I know what it was, I know how to deal with it.

Honestly, I am a little skittish.  Every time I have an ache or something 'moves' oddly, I get nervous.  I will work on that.  But I will do it while I am working on the rest of me.  So, this afternoon I am going to run the other errand I was going to on Tuesday when this all happened - getting my own pair of boxing gloves, look out heavy bag!

Yours in Health,

Monday, May 10, 2010

I Give Up - For Today

I am filling in for Jay on news this week.  So, I went to bed early last night, couldn't sleep, once I was asleep I tossed and turned and broke out in a wicked sweat.  When the alarm went off I wanted to pitch it out the window, alas, it's my phone, so that would be expensive annoyance.  I was tired when I got here.

Once I finished the news, I became physically exhausted.  I was shaking and freezing and felt like I could be sick at any time.  I kept working and finally went home at 11 to meet my new cleaning woman to be.  I decided to lay down for an hour before workout and hoped it was just a sleep thing. 

When I woke up I realized that I wasn't going anywhere.  I called and apologized to Gwyn at the YMCA.  Then I went back to sleep.  90 minutes later I forced myself out of bed and came back to work to finish KIOA.

Fifteen minutes ago I realized that my Intuitive Eating class (I called to let Nutritionist Katie to let her know) was not going to work for me tonight.  I am so tired, nauseous, cold and just ick feeling that the best thing I can do for my body is go home, eat something useful and go to bed. 

It's frustrating because I really want to learn from this class.  I did my homework and everything.  I have great hope that using it will return me to being a kid again and having a healthy relationship with food.  Oh well, I will e-mail Katie later and see what I missed.

Here's to feeling non-ick by tomorrow - I have too much to do.

Yours in Health,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Too all women - Happy Mother's Day!  I say it this way, because though not everyone has human children, every woman has mothered someone. 

For example, my non-traditional heritage:

My great-grandmother had three children, but she also helped mother her grand and great-grand children, not to mention a myriad of other family members, neighbor kids and so on.

My grandmother raised three kids, helped with grand kids and kept the neighbor kids from burning anything down.  (They were likely my father's friends.  :)  )

My Aunt Marla has raised a myriad of animals and did her share of babysitting when I was a baby.

My mother raised three kids, neighbor kids, helped raised my nephew, has guided many wayward alcoholics and handled many people who just needed direction.

My step-mom raised a daughter, helped raise the three of us kids and continues to raise wayward souls who are non-directional - even lonely adults need mothering sometimes. 

I am a pet parent, helped raise my two brothers and helped raise my nephew.  And, ask anyone, I tend to mother period.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why women end up neglecting themselves.  Even if we never have babies we are busy caring for the world.  Everyone needs nurtured and there is something in us that must respond.  While commendable, we need to remember to be there for ourselves as well.

So, Happy Mother's Day, but don't forget to mother yourself too.

Yours in Health,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Struggling with Food

I had a grilled cheese and fries last night and popcorn with M&M's at the movies - it made me feel ill.  Yes, physically, but also mentally. 

I was in a hurry after a remote broadcast and so, I stopped in at Stella's.  My only saving grace, once I had grease, the malt no longer sounded good.  Then it was popcorn and candy at Iron Man 2.

Both choices could have been avoided, but my old habits kicked in, because I am feeling mentally crappy.  I had somebody hurt me this week.  It made me angry and self-destructive.  Why do we do that?  I didn't do anything wrong.  I shouldn't be punished.  But that's exactly what I was doing in my attempt to feel better via food - punishing my body.

I am looking forward to my Intuitive Eating class Monday night at the Mercy Weight Loss and Nutrition Center.  I want to learn how to turn off that mindset of 'food=comfort'.  I know Dietitian Katie will lead me there.  I was skeptical after last week's class, but now I am ready to try anything.

Yours in Health,

Friday, May 7, 2010

Quick Friday Notes

I don't have time for a workout today - I will be making it up on Sunday.  I have three personal appearances in the next 24 hours, plus two other commitments.  Time is getting away from me. 

I am going to lay off of artificial sweeteners for a couple of days.  I had some sugar-free syrup in my coffee this morning and I can't get that icky sweet taste out of my mouth.  That's like the third time this week.  I think my body is telling me something.

I have to start to declutter the house.  I am thinking about taking next week off from TV and use those extra couple of hours for that.

There you are, random thoughts.  Hope you have a great weekend!

Yours in Health,

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yo, Time to Wrap!

Wow.  That was lame.  What I am actually referring to is I met with Physical Therapist Kristi today at the YMCA and we took a hard look at my knee. 

The past week or so some pain has returned and on Tuesday during PT with Kara it got caught or hyper-extended or something and really hurt.  Kristi was concerned maybe there is something more going on, beyond the scope of PT. 

But we talked it through today and are working under the idea that it's probably natural with the amount of scar tissue I have under the skin and around the knee.  Add that to the fact that my quad is still quite wimpy and the two are most likely the real problem. 

At the end of our session Kristi wrapped my knee with some tape.  The goal is to keep the knee cap in the correct position so the inner part of my quad has no choice but to train to take over its job again.  I have had my knee wrapped before and it hurt.  But Kristi did it right and unless I am going upstairs, I am nearly pain free - pretty awesome.

Again, it was a case of Kristi explaining the benefits to me and working with me to make things right.  It's so refreshing to be treated like a partner in my recovery and I have to be honest, it motivates me greatly.  I do my exercises like a good girl and everything. :)

Yours in Health,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Long Day

Sorry, not much of a post today, I am ending a long day.  I did a great workout today with Gwyn.  My knee held up, but it's sore, so I am headed home to ice.

I promise something useful tomorrow.

Yours in Health,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Intuitive Eating

I started a class Monday night called "Intuitive Eating" at the Mercy Weight Loss and Nutrition Center.  It's based on a book and has been translated into a class by Team Kate member - Nutritionist Katie.  In upcoming classes we are going to figure out our exact triggers, tools to combat them and how to learn to treat food as a tool more than anything. 

I was one in a room full of people who were skeptical that we could ever go from 'people with food issues' to 'intuitive eaters'.  That said, I am open to trying anything and I am excited for the opportunity.  The biggest chance I see is to overcome my emotional eating.

Katie handed out work sheets asking us a number of questions, but the one that got my attention was the one that broke down every emotion and its variants.  The list was huge, but, since I have an amazing appetite no matter what I am feeling, I figured they all pertained to me.  In fact, only about 3/4.  I take that as a good sign, I don't turn to food for everything, just a LOT of things.

The best news everyone should know is Katie talked about not putting any food off limits.  She said exactly what I feel, "If you put a food off limits, you will only want that food."  That means that during Intuitive Eating I will learn how to have a healthy relationship with a brownie.  What?  Yep.  This should be very interesting.  ;)

Yours in Health,

Monday, May 3, 2010

Just Beat the Crap Out of a Heavy Bag - Feel AWESOME!

Met up with Gwyn at the YMCA Healthy Living Center.  She could sense my tension and said, "Well, I have been wanting to do this with you and today is a good day."  Then she took me into the empty group workout room and put me on the heavy bag.

We did a lot of upper body moves from kick-boxing.  (No lower body because of the knee.)  I beat the crap put of that thing so much it moved across the room in two directions.  Ha!  I feel empowered and the stress has washed away.

Gwyn says I can go in there any time it's empty.  I'm gonna get my own gloves.  I think I am in love.  :)

Yours in Health,

500 Blog Posts on Get Healthy with Kate Garner!

Today was going to be just another blog.  I was going to cover that I am headed to workout with Gwyn at the Mercy/YMCA Healthy Living Center.  That I am starting a new class tonight at the Weight Loss and Nutrition Center called "Intuitive Eating", that I am both excited and nervous about - BTW - they still have openings - 358-9400.

But then I saw that yesterday's blog was 499 and that makes this one number 500!  In these 500 posts you will see me at my best and worst.  At my heaviest and my thinnest.  At my smartest and my dumbest.  At my happiest and at my lowest points. 

I have looked back from time to time.  I see what went right, what went wrong and the lessons I should continue to use.  More than anything, it's a reminder that I am unique and yet, not that different at all.  This is how an obese or overweight person is.  We have our ups and down, like anyone else, where we differ is the extremes.  When we hit the highs we've shot the moon and when we slam into our lows the only thing that will offer any comfort is food.

Where I hope to change the path this time is making this darn thing permanent.  And I believe the key will be Team Kate.  When I start to falter this time I can pick-up a phone.  Last time I was just picking myself up and I finally lost the strength to push back.  Now I have Gwyn or Kristi or Katie to push back with me and there is power in numbers.

Here's to 500 more that will help me and you.

Yours in Health,

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Can I take a Nap Now?

It has been a long weekend.  Right now I am sitting at work and I will be here another couple of hours.  Then it's off to a birthday party.  Then, I hope, home to do some yard work - something I haven't been able to do in two weeks.  Thank goodness for Lori or we would have been given a warning by the city for growing our own jungle!

And as the sun weaves in and out of the clouds, all I really want is a nap, because this long weekend has left me exhausted.  Oh well, perhaps all the other things I need to do will give me the energy I need to make it through to bedtime tonight.

BTW - Today is a day off from workout, unless you count the possibility of yard work - but that brings me great satisfaction, so I won't notice if I break a sweat. :)

Yours in Health,

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Charity Can Feed the Soul

I spend a lot of time obsessing about food.  What should I eat?  How much should I eat?  Ooh, is that a brownie?  But I know in my heart there are many more important things that sustain a person than just crunchy snacks and creamy dishes.  That's why I volunteer on a regular basis.  Today was a day of volunteering for events that our radio group was sponsoring.

This morning I got an emergency call at 6:20, one of our talents was passing a kidney stone and could I fill in for her at the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.  Of course.  It meant rearranging my day, but it was important to make sure LITE 104.1 followed through on our commitment.  Besides, I had never had a chance to go to the event, so it was a perfect excuse.

It was sunny, windy and pink.  Everyone was in fine spirits despite being blown around.  As I emceed I was able to hear women tell about their fight against breast cancer.  I met people in remission and those still on the battle field.  I met family members who were walking for those that had lost.  And one woman that was walking simply because it could be her someday.  It warmed me to see all of the passion and love.

Then I was on the the Mercy/YMCA Healthy Living Center.  It was their Grand Opening to promote the fact that they are now under the same roof.  I worked the registration table and it was a great opportunity to feel unity.  Many people walked in that were just as overweight as I am, many who were even more so.  It made me very happy - believe me, just walking in that door for a tour is a big step.  I hope that they all decide to try their version of what I am doing, getting healthy.

Then I snuck in a 45 minute workout. :)  Showered and it was off to event three...

The Youth Emergency Services and Shelter Derby Duck Race.  This event is always so much fun.  YESS is all about trying to keep family's together, so they have a family festival as they sell the final ducks and then dump them into the lake.  Thousands of kids ran under the watchful eye of their unique family.  Some with their biological parents.  Some in single parent families.  Some adopted or in foster care.  Some with aunts or uncles, others with grandparents.  And some with all of the above.  It was a wonderful reminder that family is who you love, not just the people you were born to.

I emceed with Dan Winters from TV-13, he's great.  Like me, he is able to roll through the punches, which is important with an event this size.  In the end, everything went off without a hitch.  The biggest highlight?  The guy whose duck crossed the finish line first and won $10,000, donated the money back to YESS - another heartwarming, goose bump inducing moment for my day.

It was a great day and I was so busy, that after I quickly ate a small omelet while the walkers were on the path for Making Strides, I wasn't hungry again until late afternoon.  Which proves, charity can feed the soul.

Yours in Health,