Monday, March 31, 2008

From the beginning...

Tip - Expending energy will build energy.

I was the classic couch potato. I was just 'too tired' to workout. My days were 'long and hard'. I needed 'downtime' to 'recuperate'. I needed to 'rest', so there really was 'no time in my day' to exercise.

What an incredible batch of crap!

I was too tired because I was too fat. My days felt long and hard because I had no energy reserves. Compared to my days now, time wise, those days were cake. I needed downtime to stuff my face and recuperated by making sure most of it was sugar. I had to rest because, after the sugar high, I was lethargic. I was recuperating myself straight into morbid obesity. And there was no time in my day because I was making lousy choices.

All of that may seem harsh, but it is the bitter truth. The one most people don't see when they are dunking their 10th Oreo into a glass of milk and trying not to get up to change DVDs.

Now I know the good truth - if you exercise, you actually gain energy.

Hear me out.

As you exercise and eat right many things happen to your body:

>You lose weight.
>Your body burns calories more efficiently.
>You curb cravings.
>You are able to create healthy energy reserves.
>Your body actually begins to crave more exercise because it likes the chemicals the brain releases afterward.
>The less you weigh, the easier it is to move.
>The better you look, the more motivated you are to make time and create more changes.
>Compliments and kindness breed mental energy.
>When your brain is on board anything is possible. Because your brain can rule the roost, even over the most stubborn of stomachs.

Those are just a few ways getting moving and getting healthier can actually increase your energy. Personally I know if I go more than 24 hours without doing something I feel sluggish.

You can do it. Just put one foot in front of another, start slow and the next thing you know people will be saying to you, "Where do you get all that energy?".

Yours in fitness, Kate

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Inspiration - 3/30/08

I found this article at Good Housekeeping. What I really like about it is these women have kept the weight off for multiple years. These are the crash dieters who lost a lot, land on a cover and rebound back.

That highlights the three most important things you must remember:

- You didn't become fat overnight, you will not lost the fat overnight.
- This is a marathon, not a race. Be steady and patient and you will achieve your goals. That may mean adjusting your pace and technique at times.
- You are going through a lifestyle change. That means these are forever changes that will get you healthy and help you stay that way.

Yours in health, Kate

Saturday, March 29, 2008

5 miles

First, a gym update: My membership/endorsement deal through work with Fitness World West expired this week. However, I like the gym (and trainer Traci) so much, I have re-upped on my own. So, for at least the next year you will continue to hear me reference FWW.

Now, those five miles. I missed working out yesterday, my schedule just wouldn't squeeze out time. So, after two days off from the gym, I went in with every intention of a good run and workout.

Once again I stepped on the treadmill and went beyond my planned distance. I did my warm-up walk, started to run and kept running. I ran for 20 minutes and then walked for one and then ran for another 15. At that point I had run a 5K and walked most of the rest of 4 miles. So I decided to run another 5 minutes and then train for hills with a hard walk. I ended up working out for an hour total and did exactly 5 miles. It was weird timing. That means I averaged a 12 minutes mile, not too shabby.

Afterward however, my legs informed me they needed extra stretching and water and that weights and abs would have to wait until tomorrow. You know, I can accept that, because my body did an awesome job of taking me through five miles! That's at least 1/2 mile further than I have ever gone (on purpose) before.

As you know, running isn't my 'ultimate' thing, I have yet to figure out what that might be. But I do know I love the way I feel after. Not only do I feel great mentally at the accomplishment, but physically I am exhilarated, even if I am exhausted.

Tomorrow though, it's easy on the cardio, hit the weights and abs hard. And I am looking forward to that too.

Yours in fitness, Kate

Friday, March 28, 2008

Deep Breathing

Doing a lot of that today. It's supposed to be a stress reliever. Still waiting for that side effect.

Or maybe I should breathe quickly, hyper ventilate and pass out. But just before I lose consciousness I will have an ephinany and I will understand men.

Then, after I spend a week recovering from my concussion caused by my head thunking into the studio console, I will put together a business plan. I will use my newly acquired man knowledge to build an empire by helping other women figure them out.

Think about it, it would be like Mary Kay for the mind. I could share with women, who could train other women. We wouldn't be looking to get rich, our real desire would simply be teaching others. That way women might be able to have a conversation with the males in their life and not feel the need to beat their heads against a wall.

You see what I have determined recently is that men talk a great game about being "what you see is what you get" or "straight talkers" or "I have simple needs". But it's b.s.

I know what you are thinking, "Did it really take her 36 years to realize this?" No, just two months of being back in the dating realm to be reminded of it.

Now at 2 p.m. I am going to go to the place where deep breathing actually works, my gym. Perhaps I will also release all of the stress that is obviously straining against my psyche too.

Yours in (someday I hope to find some) mental health, Kate

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day off to volunteer

I just didn't have time to workout today. I worked and did volunteer work. But the volunteer work was two fold - lunch to consult on a marketing plan and then the late afternoon/early evening was working at the Planned Parenthood Book Sale.

The later lead to a lot of walking and heavy lifting because on opening night I volunteer in the holding area. That's where people who are dealers or collectors bring their endless purchases to be kept until they are ready to check out.

It actually ended up being great for my glutes and upper back. Today I will go back after my workout, but my job will be much less physical - I'll be at the checkout.

Reminder - the book sale is through Monday. It's a great way to stock up and cheap. For more go here.

Yours in fitness, Kate

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Butt o' Steel

Met with trainer Traci at Fitness World West yesterday. We did measurements before we did my session, because we hadn't done them in a couple of months. (The workout was great, by the way. She showed me tons of new moves.)

Two measurements that are of note:

Body fat: 21.3%
That puts me 1.3% away from my goal of 20% body fat. That's extremely athletic without going crazy. Any lower than 18% and women's bodies start to freak out and skip periods and things. (Not that I would mind that side effect.) So that puts me 6 pounds of fat away from my goal. I have rededicated myself to shrinking the fat cells in a serious manner. Now, I just have to figure what that means.

My hips: 41 inches
An almost 2 inch increase, that surprised me. Part of that measurement is extra skin, but mostly it's booty. That's right, I didn't notice until a few days ago that I am turning into Jennifer Lopez. I am building a majorly muscled derriere. I can't crack a walnut yet, but yes, I can flex it and hold! Some people think her butt is big, whatever, she has a great shape and she seems happy and that's all that matters. Now I just have to accept that my bottom measurement may never be the 36 a girl fantasizes about. I'll get there. In the mean time I will wonder at my butt o' steel and be amused. Who knew muscles could just 'pop' up?!

Yours in fitness, Kate

Monday, March 24, 2008

From the Beginning...

A reminder lesson from yesterday - Tip - Don't bring it in the house.

That's right, if you shouldn't eat it, if it's a 'no-no' list rock star - do not give it a venue near your thighs.

I know that sounds simple. And you are thinking "Easy enough for you to say". You're right, it's a hell of a lot easier to type that advice than to follow it. In fact, I am crap at following it more days than I would like to admit. But, like everything else in life, weight loss is a process.

You are creating new lifetime habits, not flicking a switch. Because as I am known for saying, "If I had an absolute answer on weight loss, I'd be a gazillionaire." Actually, I would have so much money, they would have to make-up a new name for the amount that would pepper my thousands of accounts world wide.

Oops, sorry, rolling into my fantasy world there... FYI, in that world, I have a body like Jennifer Garner. The woman is amazing, but I digress...

Anyway, the actual tip here is, if you haven't yet, clean out the cupboards. It's spring and any excuses you had about needing comfort foods are officially gone. Instead you need lighter foods that do not weigh you down as you get even more active. The kind that make you more svelte so that you are happy (or happier) with the way you look in less clothing.

Don't get me wrong, there is no bikini in my future. But shorts and possibly even a tank are, because I am not going to spend another summer all covered up sweating my butt off because I hate my body. Instead, I am going to accept myself and accessorize accordingly sister!

Yours in health, Kate

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday Inspiration

I tried looking around for a story that really caught my eye, but nothing did. If anyone has a story of their own or one they run across, make sure you send it to me for next week.

Today the gym was closed. I wish it hadn't been. Then I could have used exercise to curb my appetite and perhaps not have fallen of the wagon and landed face first in an Easter basket.

Yours in (um...) health, Kate
(Yep, still feeling the fat pump through my veins.)

The Easter Body Count

1 - Bloated me from eating too much.

Ate a great breakfast, a relatively healthy lunch, blew the whole thing out of the sky with 'dessert'.

How it broke down:

1 - too big piece of coconut bunny cake (And I am not kidding, TOO big)
1 - tablespoon of Culver's vanilla custard
1 - tablespoon fat free Cool Whip
3 - chocolate egg truffles from Stam's
1 - Reese's peanut butter egg (Webgal is right, they are insidious)
1 - head of a Stam's duck truffle, very cute until I bit it off

That lead to a dinner that was much healthier:

1 - banana
1 - cup Go Lean Crunch
1 - container Yoplait fat-free vanilla yogurt

One trip to bed with the vow that I learn to control myself by the next time the Easter Bunny bounces to my house.

Yours in (un)health, Kate

Friday, March 21, 2008


I am rediscovering my womanliness (yes, it's a real word) and finding that I am lacking practice in certain areas. One of them is flirting. So, I have been practicing on everything in pants.

MAYBE one out of every 10 guys I actually have the thought, "This guy's kind of cool." But mostly they are victims of my burgeoning urges. Luckily, thus far, most of the guys have simply flirted back and not thought anything more of it.

Wait is that lucky or should that tell me something?

Am I bad at it? Am I not attractive enough to try to go beyond a casual flirt with? Is it like my mother says, do I scare men? Ah hell, who knows! Frankly, it doesn't matter.

I am going to just keep practicing and enjoy myself.

Yours in (heart) health, Kate

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Worst Foods in America

Worst for you that is. The guy who wrote the book this article is about, David Zinczenko, has become a bit of a guru to me.

He is the editor-in-chief of Men's Health Magazine and it was through picking up his magazine at an appointment that I found it's sister publication - Women's Health. The work Zinczenko has done with the men's version is reflected greatly in the women's version with an estrogen twist. Both are great for the latest in health and fitness. I wait for my girly one every month to pick-up new moves.

Anyway, Zinczenko has written "Eat this, Not That" which is a fun and eye-opening book on our favorite fast and convenience foods. It compares them side by side. The above article knocks out some of the worst offenders.

The man has also written "The Abs Diet" which is waiting for my perusal. And a couple of books on the how to decode men. So basically he has become my one stop shopping for health and heart and god knows I need guidance on both.

Yours in health, Kate

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nice Workout

I'm going to keep my post simple today because though my body is up and going, my mind is not feeling so witty.

I went to FWW and walked for 5 minutes to warm up. Then it was 20 minutes of hard running interspersed with walking. Then 10 minutes of hard walking up hill, raising the grade every minute. Then it was on to abs, weights and lunges. It was a good hard workout that lasted a total of an hour and 20 minutes.

I briefly chatted with trainer Traci. We have set-up a session for next Tuesday. I have asked her to concentrate on introducing me to new moves for my back, shoulders and abs. I am very much looking forward to freshening things up.

Yours in fitness, Kate

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day off for Dental Work

Much to my distaste I am having to take another day off from working out due to dental work. Today is worse than the other day two weeks ago. They had to go a little deeper. So, I am sitting here with my numb jaw that gives way to pain here and there.

Soon I will take Obi-Wan to the vet. (Shh, don't tell him! In fact, don't even say it out loud, he totally speaks English.) That has the potential to be my workout for the day, though hopefully not.

Yours in (dental) health, Kate

Monday, March 17, 2008

From the beginning...

Tip - Go as far as you can and then 5 minutes more.

This tip is for exercise. I was reminded of it during my 'accidental' 5K last week. It started as a simple 20 minute run and ended up as 3.1 miles+.

I ran as far as I could, walked for a minute to regroup and kept going. I found out this is actually a strategy of marathoners. I thought they ran the entire way, but unless they are of a professional grade, they likely slow down and even at times walk to rev their engines back up.

When I read that fact, I felt freed. I thought I could not be a good runner because at times I was forced to walk. Now I know that I am making my best effort - period.

So no matter what your cardio of choice, do it the best you can and then try to go a little further. But never fear having to take it down a notch, it's all part of the learning process.

Yours in fitness, Kate

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Inspiration - 3/16/08

This article hits kind of close to home for me. It's about the offices of Warren County government. Their whole group is doing Lighten Up Iowa together. That's inspirational to me, because slowly but surely, people in my office have been making changes as well. Here's the article.

In our office I have recently cajoled the vending company into putting a couple of healthier options into the vending machine. There is still massive room for improvement, but nothing changes overnight when you have 65 very different people working together. So, I will take the baby steps and look for more chances to help those who want to help themselves.

One way is the re-introduction of the Des Moines Radio Group Walking Club. I hope with the number of people making improvements we will be bigger and better this year. And I think I am going to offer it on Monday and Wednesday, twice a day - once at noon and once at 5:30. That should also increase the numbers of people able to get healthy.

Hope your office is getting on board with better choices. Because believe me, it's easier to fight of the sinful stuff if you have someone there for support.

Yours in health, Kate

It's been a long week


I just got on here to post and see I haven't done so since Wednesday! That kind of speaks to my week. I was incredibly busy at work and trying to throw in workouts and I even did something fun one night. But that doesn't excuse neglecting this, so sorry.

Thursday - The day got away from me and that includes food. I don't remember for sure, but I might have had five minutes to post something but was too ashamed. I have been stressing a lot at work with multiple projects due and covering for other people and I had a visit from my evil sugar loving twin Luci who was more than happy to help.

Luci, if you didn't know, is short for Lucifer, she is my devil side who loves sugar and fat more than life. She was in charge of all food decisions between say 1985 and July 2006. I am in charge now, but that snot keeps peeking back in every time there is an opening. Thursday and Friday the opening was about the size of Grimes, so she rolled right in.

She stuck around for Friday too. Both days were sugar and fat laden, it was disgusting and unpretty and by the end of the night Friday, I was not liking myself very much.

Saturday morning I got up and found that the later part of the week had really left a bad imprint on my body. The scale informed me I had gained back all of the weight I lost during my stomach bug and a half pound more, just for good measure.

The stress eating was only made worse by my schedule being horrible and my workouts, for the first time in a long time, paying the price. Thursday I was able to cram in 30 minutes. Friday - nothing. Saturday - nothing.

Today, I got a surprise and again have to cover for someone at work, which I am doing right now. It's only for another hour and a half or so and then I am GOING TO THE GYM. I am going to do at least an hour and a half and use that to reset my body.

I reset the food situation yesterday - despite helping run a convention - I packed a bag of non-perishable edibles and took it with me. So, as everyone else was cramming down BBQ sandwiches, chips and brownies, I was eating carrots, an apple and banana and directing them to find that fatty meal. I'd feel bad about that, but when you have 1200 people to feed, you let the caterer have some latitude. :)

The convention did run long yesterday, so I ran into a food deficit. But my friend Dave, whom I adore, bought me another banana to get me through. Next time I will know better and pack more than I think I need.

So, there it is, confession of a 'bad' girl who caved to Luci late in the week. The nice thing is, I am way past saying "Well, I failed, I guess I should just give up". Instead I know, it's time to get back on track and move on.

I know this rambled a bit, but sometimes honesty flows messily.

Have a great week!

Yours in health, Kate

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Evil That Women Do

Or, why my roomie should be banned from borrowing baking cookbooks.

I have and will continue to benefit greatly from Lori's vast culinary skills; I am grateful. Without her guidance early on I never would have found my way through the brambles of healthy eating and eventually lost over 110 pounds.

However, the woman has a penchant for cookbooks. She collects them, borrows them and photocopies them. We have recipes in our household for anything under the sun, though we lean toward chicken, turkey and vegetarian dishes.

At Christmas it looks like Meredith Publishing off-loads a magazine rack straight into apartment of cookie, cake, candy and homemade food gift periodicals. At the holidays I have come to accept that my home will be filled with hand rolled truffles, perfectly baked cookies and chocolate treats of all shapes. But yesterday I got a surprise.

Lori has found a new baking cookbook that she loves. It's all chocolate. Dark chocolate, my favorite. She decided to produce a recipe from it - peanut butter Rice Krispie treats with dark chocolate drizzle. Yummmmmmm. And, oh god. One is bad enough, but now she is plotting further calorie laden treats to adorn our place.

Work offers up enough treat options, having anything other than plain old everyday dark chocolate at home can be a recipe for disaster for lil 'ol sugar addict me.

Lori realized the error last night when all she wanted to do to was eat the entire pan in one sitting. She did not, instead she snacked on one and headed to yoga. On the way out the door she informed me I would be taking the rest to work this morning. Huh? I hesitantly agreed.

Then I sat there thinking about being faced with them on the back food table - every time I went to warm up my coffee. The idea made me a bit crazy, because I ate one last night and it way WAY too good.

I found the bag of treats waiting by my coat this morning and I shook my head. I went about my business and got ready to go. I headed to work (where I am now) and realized about 10 minutes after arriving, I had forgotten them. LOL. My subconscious likes my thighs smaller!

Never fear, those from work who are reading this, I will undoubtedly have them shoved into my bag for me when I get home, so I don't 'forget' them again.

I would swipe her library card, but it would be in vain as long as there is a Borders, Barnes & Noble or Half-Price Book Store within her reach.

Yours in health, Kate

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How to Accidentally Run a 5K

It was my second day back at Fitness World West. I warmed up with 10 minutes on the bike, did some abs, pull-ups, weights and inner/outer thighs. Time for the treadmill, I figure I will hit it for 20 minutes to complete my 30 minutes of cardio and head back to the weights.

I get on the brand spanking new treadmill at the far end. I used it yesterday and I like it - it feel a lot like running on the ground AND there's plenty of room to swing your arms. I tend to really pump when I am running and was always hitting myself on rails, now I am cool. (Of course, it also has an LCD TV like every other piece of cardio equipment at FWW, so if you want to catch up on CNN or SoapNet, you are set.)

Anyway, I notice it has many fancy setting including one marked 5K. I think, 'interesting, I am training for a 5K'. I decide to push the button to see what paces it puts me through and figure I will bow out at my planned 20 minutes.

-A two minute warm-up and it pushes me up to 6 miles-an-hour. O.k., I can do this, I have been working my way up to this speed all winter during what little time I spent running.
-Five minutes go by, not bad, I'm pretty good at this speed.
-Another 5 and it's time for a one minute walk to regulate my breathing.
-Back up and going and 6 more go by. I realize if I stop at 20 I will only have run for 17 minutes, so I have to go to 23. All right, 23 it is.
-I hit the 20 and have to slow down for a minute. Whoops, just added another minute I need to run. On to 24.
-24 ticks onto the timer, well, I might as well make it even at 25.
-25, hey, I've made it well over two miles already. A 5K is only 3.1, what the hell, let's push through.

So, I did. Two more 45 second bouts of walking and I finish the run in 34:42. That is a 1 minute, 37 second improvement over my race time in October. I have just proven two things - I can still run 3.1 miles and I can do it in less time.

The thing yet to be proven? Can I do it on the rolling terrain South of Grand? That remains to be seen.

Yours in fitness, Kate

Monday, March 10, 2008

From the beginning... 3/10/08

It's Girl Scout Cookie time! Ah crap!

I love the little girls and their will to sell - sell - sell their way to camp and Chinese-made chotzkys but I truly believe evil lurks in those little boxes.

Cue evil Scout master laugh here. Enjoy the 80's cheese, evil scout leader shot at the end - unless you count making girls tease their hair to those heights as child abuse, then it's full-on evil throughout.

Now back to the reason I actually began my post. The cookies arrived today from my friend Bobby's daughter Rachel. I 'had' to buy from her, because as you know, it's an office ritual. And SOMEDAY Caelen will be selling something and I have a long memory. Anyway, it's 4 boxes of 'not-on-my-list-of-things-to-eat' goodness and I have followed through on dealing with this via a 'beginning tip'.

First, only open one box at a time. Then, only open one sleeve of cookies at a time. Walk sleeve back to general food area where people help themselves if you leave anything sitting out too long. (Reminder this will pertain to carrot sticks if people are desperate enough.) Put sleeve on table, take out one cookie for you. Eat slowly and meticulously, enjoying every bite as you walk away briskly. Wait 15 minutes before going in area again - offending cookies are now gone, crisis averted.

Tomorrow repeat and every day there after until all boxes of cookies are gone. The bonus to this is two fold: You get the 'taste' you promised yourself when you ordered them. You look generous for 'sharing'.

You're not sharing, you are removing a food bomb from your presence. But, no one needs to know, that's our little secret. And that's how the cookie crumbles... down someone else's blouse.

Yours in health, Kate

P.S. - I am going back to the gym today. As you can see from my post I am feeling better. (And mischievous.)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Inspiration - 3/9/08

I am still not up and running at 100%. However, I was able to eat a full bowl of cereal this morning and a cup of coffee. (I have really missed coffee.) I am still a bit lethargic to go to the gym, but tomorrow I can feel already I will be back at it. Thank goodness, it will have been a week by the time I step back into Fitness World West.

Today I went looking for a story of inspiration and I found one that addresses an issue that doesn't affect me, but does many readers - losing weight if you have kids. This lady did it through journaling and getting moving. I can relate to both. I spent more than a year being completely faithful to journaling my food. Having to look at the results each day kept me in check. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to deal with the food side of losing weight.

Check out this story and see how it worked for her.

Yours in fitness, Kate

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Feeling Pathetic

Stomach Bug - AGAIN - Day 4

It's getting better. I can now force myself to eat small amounts of food, nausea be darned and it stays put. The stomach cramping isn't as bad as it was. But I still haven't been able to put enough calories in my body to workout. I still feel too weak to head to the gym.

Today I did what everyone has been telling me to do, I have stayed home and done NOTHING. I am incredibly pathetic at doing nothing. I used to be the queen.

When I was morbidly obese, I could lay on the couch and endlessly flip through TV channels watching bad lifetime movies or old TV shows. I even confessed to Lori last night that I had once watch the cheer leading movie "Bring it on" in one of those moments. In my defense, it was the original with Kirsten Dunst, so at least it was passingly original at the time. Oh hell, who am I kidding, still a sad example of the former me.

And while I was beached on the couch, flu or no, I would be eating. You've got to feed yourself when you are sick you know? That's actually true. What's not true is that a bag of Oreos will make the stomach flu go away.

I have found out over the last couple of days that I am now bad at eating junk. I could be having literally anything I wanted right now, just to get food in my body and I am not. Weight loss update - 5.5 pounds in 3 days - holy crap. Instead I cam craving fruit and vegetables and whole grains. My most indulgent moment goes to yesterday when I had some 'double cream' cheese on white Italian bread. If butter and brie had a baby, this is what it would taste like. But I haven't been able to eat more than one piece at time.

All of this lack of energy and laying around has lead to too much thinking. Mainly about men. Which is for a whole other kind of blog, which I do not keep. To protect the innocent, or not so innocent.

I did check one thing off my 'to do' list that is a few months old - I watched the movie "Once". It was sweet and funny and did not end like I wanted. But a friend had recommended it months ago and I needed to watch it. I fully understand why it one the "Best Song" Oscar, wonderful music.

And I guess this is my other accomplishment, I have blogged.

I really do have every intention of going to the gym tomorrow. But I will leave it up to my body and I hate that.

Yours in (icky) health, Kate

Friday, March 7, 2008

Stomach Bug - AGAIN - Day 3

Warning: Cranky girl ahead

My stomach is still unstoppably queasy. It keeps spasming and tying itself in knots. I have to force myself to eat. More than a bite or two and my body wants to revolt. I have yet to vomit or have things get unfriendly at the other end.

But I am relegated to eating very little and sipping water. Example - I have been working on the same cup of cereal for two hours and it is not gone. I stepped on the scale this morning, because I knew what was happening. In the first two days of this, I lost 3 pounds.

Believe me, I still have fat to lose, but this is not the way to go about it. In fact, chances are, it's muscle I am losing. Annette suggested the BRAT diet yesterday and Mom said to avoid raw foods. I am a little lost. So, I called the doctor today.

Her nurse told me there is a stomach flu going around that has nausea and wicked cramping, but no vomiting. She said to stay hydrated, push food when I can (it doesn't matter what kind) and that it could last up to a week. That last part makes me really pissy.

I have no choice, I will have to finish up what will be a 12 hour shift and then go lay down. No workout. That's four days in a row! I don't know if it's feeling like crap or missing the gym, but I want to cry today for some reason. That's notable because I do not, as a general rule, cry.

Now don't get me wrong, it won't kill me to take time off from the gym. But I miss how I feel when I am done. I miss knowing I am getting healthier. And I miss the energy it gives me, because right now, I have NONE.

Wow, I think I will go back to the top and warn people I am in a mood.

Back to work now, whether I have the energy or not. Thanks for your kind words everyone!

Yours in (icky) health, Kate

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stomach Bug - AGAIN - Day 2

Ick. I went to bed at 6:15 last night and slept for the most part until 3 this morning and ick. I am at work, because frankly being gone is not an option. I am going home earlier than usual though. This has been the week of getting very little done.

Speaking of which, this is day 3 with no workout. Tuesday I had a couple of fillings done and couldn't eat. Working out with no food is a 'no-no', so I didn't. By the time I was able to eat it was too late. Then I got home and went to untie my shoe and had this huge head rush. It made my needle marks throb and I realized what it might have felt like if I had worked out. Yea, not good.

Yesterday - stomach bug and couldn't eat.

Today - stomach bug and having trouble eating again.

Tomorrow - I will be back at the gym come hell or high-water. I haven't taken three days off from working out since September when I landed in the hospital! It's driving me more than a bit crazy.

Speaking of that little incident, it taught me two very important lessons: A. drink water, even if you can't keep it down. 2. eat even if you can't keep it down. I haven't been throwing up (thank god) but I can barely eat anything.

In two days I have probably taken in 1,000 calories - not good. Because lesson #2taught me that my body really needs the calories from food to fight cooties, it will not use stored fat. Damn inconvenient too, because I have a couple of places I would happily give up fat to defend my immune system. Now THAT would be spot reducing!

Oh well, done whining. Back to work. And tomorrow... BACK TO THE GYM!

Yours in (icky) health, Kate

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Stomach Bug - Again

I woke up in the middle of the night very uncomfortable and nauseous. I really couldn't sleep after that, so when my alarm did go off, I was exhausted.

I went home straight after we did our workplace visit for KIOA today. I have been trying to rest and get up an appetite. The former has sort of been possible, but the later has not. It's been a long time since I haven't found a single thing that looks good.

This is really hanging on and it's annoying. I haven't vomited, thank god, but I have that constant feeling of needing to.

All I really ask is that it is over by tomorrow morning because it's hard as hell to be chipper and co-host a morning show when you feel like crap.

Yours in (icky) health, Kate

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

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The Next Challenge

I teased on Sunday that I have picked my next 'thing'. That goal I believe everyone should put out there to improve their fitness.

It's the AIDS Walk/Run 2008 to benefit the AIDS Project of Central Iowa. It is happening April 12th at 10 a.m. and it starts at Des Moines University. I will be running the 5K on the "hilly" course.

That last part is the most important one. Hills, running and me. Frankly that threesome has never been my friend, so that will be challenge #1. Challenge #2 is shaving time of my personal best. O.k., I have only run one race, but hey that was my best! (Here's a link to remind you.)

I ran it in 36:19. So, my goal is to beat my time by 1 minute. That may not sound like a lot, but when you haven't been running much, it feels like a lot. That's taking about 20 seconds off each mile.

So, I have already started running again. The stairs will become a once in a while thing until I get closer to the 801 next year. One of my favorite things about this race is that, once again, it is for a great cause. Who doesn't feel great doing good things for others while doing good for yourself?

Yours in fitness, Kate

Monday, March 3, 2008

From the beginning...

Let's pretend we're on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?". A really difficult question comes up - time to phone a friend.

The same thing is true of dealing with eating issues. You're faced with the temptation of pizza and the urge will not go away. Have the one slice for a taste, add a salad and then run the other way and phone a friend.

When you are starting out, you want to be good, but pizza has its' evil ways. No matter how hard I tried at the beginning, if there was something left of what was taunting me, I wanted it. Hell, I even felt I needed it. (Yea, we all know that's a crock - no one NEEDS 5 slices of pizza.)

So I learned that after those two Oreos I just 'had to have' were gone, I had to find a distraction. That's where great support comes in. Or at least the ability to dial someone and talk about anything but creamy white centers surrounded by dark chocolate goodness. (I think I just drooled.)

So the tip is, talk it out. Find someone to take your call or lock the cabinet and converse with the cat, but distract your brain and it will let go of the craving that much sooner.

As for me - I really want something sweet. So I am headed to the gym - nice trade-off huh?

Yours in health, Kate

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Inspiration - 3/2/08

I ran across this article in the Des Moines Register this week. What caught my attention is that this woman has lost over 100 pounds as well and did the 801 Grand Power Climb as well.

I don't completely agree with all of her tips. But I think that is a great example of how not everything works for everyone. Weight loss and fitness are as individual as each of us are. I hope you find some useful things, I do every time I post one of these.

By the way, it was a hard core 90 minute workout today at Fitness World West. I have started training for my next event. I will tell you about it on Tuesday.

Yours in fitness, Kate