Saturday, May 31, 2008

Brighten Your Outlook

The weather lately in Iowa has been, well, crap. In fact you can go back through the winter and see that too much precipitation has been the trend since October. Now, as we mosey into June, the rain just won't leave us for more than 24-48 hours.

I found myself all kinds of funky this week, the pinnacle being Tuesday. The rest of the week I have swung between elated (my great lunch) and disheartened (not being able to ride my bike to work AGAIN).

Too many times to try to adjust those attitude issues I turned to chocolate. But then I decided there were better options, like this -

Yes, I bought very cheap, funny flowers to brighten my own day and you know what, it worked. Every time I look at them I think, "Those are really vibrant. Kind of pathetic looking, but sunny in their own way."

Now I am off to do the thing that REALLY always fixes my attitude, workout. But remember the next time you are ready to dive into a box of Twinkies, there are other ways to get your grump over the hump.

Yours in (mental) health, Kate

Friday, May 30, 2008

Ready for the Weekend

Holiday weeks are supposed to be short weeks. Everyone comes back refreshed and feeling lighter and time just flows by. This has been a long week and everyone just seems more stressed.

I think because, like me, they simply had to cram five days of work into four. Most of my work is time sensitive, so X must be done by Wednesday, Y MUST be done by Thursday and Z ABSOLUTELY has to be done by Friday at noon or else.

The stress has really thrown off my week and my workouts. I am looking forward to the weekend so I can reset and get back on task. Since it is going to be nice, that should help; both with my attitude and my exercise. I plan to spend as much time as possible outside this weekend.

Here's to hoping the weather service is right for once.

Yours in fitness, Kate

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Had a Great Lunch

I apologize for not posting yesterday. I was very busy and then... wait for it... I had a date. Yes, with a man, a very nice man. The kind you want to see again.

Our date lasted three hours! We even had a healthy lunch, because he is a healthy person too. It was nice to talk to someone about health, food and fitness, of the male persuasion, who didn't think I was a total fruit loop.

Because we talked so long I even missed my window for a workout and I didn't care.

Back to the gym today though and that's where I am headed now.

Yours in fitness, Kate

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Will someone please bring in 'da noise?

The funk was here this morning, so no need for that. Yes, that's an obscure reference to Broadway. It's also a description of my morning.

I was traveling along just fine and then, BAM! Something went wrong at work. Then I made the mistake of looking through all of the pictures on the KIOA website - I look fat and sickly/pale. It shattered the image I have created of myself in my head.

I picture a happy, healthy woman. What I saw was a badly dressed, kinda dumpy, scary looking aberration. A half formed version of the self I hoped to be. It drove me to the floor mentally.

I wanted to throw up.
I wanted to scream.
I wanted to cry.
I wanted to curl up in a ball.
I wanted to eat a giant chocolate bar.
I wanted to go home and get on the couch and not move.
I wanted to let go and hold on.
I wanted anything but what was happening in my head.

I went for a walk with Joe and Chandler, AKA - the walking club. I felt better afterward. Exercise helps. But if it hadn't been for Chandler suggesting the skywalk, I would have bagged due to the weather. I wouldn't have felt any better and chances are I would have gone home found my way to several of the suggested options above.

I will say this - I am not a vain person, but for the first time in my life my appearance matters. That is unfamiliar territory for me. I am going to have to be more careful about what I wear. I am going to have to consider the hair situation. I may even need to cave and wear make-up. None of this makes me happy.

I like to be my true self, my authentic self. I know for a fact that woman doesn't 'doll-up' for anyone. Yet, maybe I don't get to be that woman any more.

Yours in (mental) health, Kate

Here is an example from the website:

It's seriously painful to look at.

Monday, May 26, 2008

From the beginning... Nurse that injury

Tip - If it hurts, don't do it.

There is an expression as old as exercise itself, "No pain, no gain". I'm pretty sure the Spartans came up with it. (See example below of Spartan physique.)

Well, it's not true. If it hurts, you are either doing it wrong or you are injured, either way - knock it off. I admit, I often keep running through a sore knee or this stupid nerve that pinches on my right side, but I do not keep moving if I end up in real pain. O.k., I don't do that now. When I played softball, I was much more defiant of my body. But I am still paying for that in aches and pains today.

As you know, I tweaked my Achilles last week. I spent 5! days with no cardio, icing the heel, doing stretches, downing ibuprofen and resting it. Saturday I went back to the treadmill. I started slow, warmed up and went to a reasonable pace to raise my heart rate but not strain the tendon. It worked, thanks to a Stephanie Plum novel I lost track of time and when I looked down I had walked a pain free 50 minutes. Since I wasn't in pain, I decided to run for 10 minutes, to give it a try and it worked too.

I ran again yesterday and because my gym is closed today, I will be running outside in just a few minutes. I will be quite aware of how the ankle feels outside though, feet hitting concrete is a lot different than bouncing on a treadmill.

But there you go, I asked for advice, followed it and am back in training. So, if you end up injured, remember that. Don't panic, follow instructions and you will be back on track in no time.

Yours in fitness, Kate

Tee-hee, when the whole Spartan thing passed through my mind I realized it would just be a good excuse to show another picture of Gerard Butler. Here he is as the legendary King Leonidas in the film "300". Seriously, oooooh, yum.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Inspiration - Love the skin you're in

Corporate America is awash with stupid people. They all think they know what the average person wants. And that's where they get in trouble.

I don't really know any "average" people. I know people who be described by nothing less than half a thesaurus full of adjectives. Those run the gamut from intelligent to evil to dutiful to fun to nefarious to awesome.

What they are really saying is, "We hope that we have dumbed this down enough, because frankly we think you are obtuse." (Wait that's a big word for a corporate suit, let's try - dumb.)

The ads get slicker, the production quality has risen and some have become mini-movies. But still the mentality that we aren't buying their products because the model isn't thin enough or a man's abs aren't tight enough, just shows how out of touch they are. Maybe your product is just crap.

That's why, last year when they launched it, Dove surprised me with their "Campaign for Real Beauty". The women in the ads were everything from thin to borderline obese, but they were real. And all of them were beautiful for one reason - they weren't apologizing for being themselves.

Now, not only do they have the print campaign that sells skin care products, they have an entire website dedicated to self-esteem. The site covers women, but it also reaches out to girls and the women willing to mentor them. The goal is to nurture their minds so that their view of their bodies doesn't define them.

I know Dove's foundation they have set-up to do this world-wide isn't truly self-less, they expect to make a buck. But what they are proposing is something every woman, every person should embrace - be yourself and like it.

It took over a year of losing weight to get me to that point of acceptance. It wasn't the pounds that were holding me back, it was my lack of self-respect. You can't like someone, (even yourself) if you don't respect them. Without self-respect, there is no self-esteem.

One of Dove's projects is sending presentation kits out to volunteers who are willing to take a training and then go out to teach 8-12 year old girls about self-esteem. As I sat wondering, "Where was this when I was young and awkward?" I realized, I have to do it. So, I signed up.

I haven't seen the kit yet, it's coming in 8-12 weeks, but I have a pretty fair idea of what it might have in it. It's the kind of things my mother used to say to me about my abilities and appearance. Only she was my mom, so I thought she HAD to say those things. If a woman had stepped up from outside my family and reassured me, it might have made a difference. And it might not. But why not try?

Since I have learned to love the skin I'm in - mentally and physically - I think it's time to share my growth and probably grow some more from doing so.

Yours in (mental) health, Kate

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back to Cardio

I have given my Achilles three days off. Two of those days I did weights. I am bored and feeling sluggish. I must raise my heart rate or lose my mind.

I promise to start slowly today.
I promise not do get on the machine I believe may have set this off.
I promise to stop if my heel tries to get my attention.

Basically, I promise to be a reasonable grown-up. (No snickering.)

Yours in fitness, Kate

Ah hell, one last shot of Brad Pitt as Achilles, just in case I have recovered and have no need to post about it again.

Seriously, do you see those thighs...

Friday, May 23, 2008


Bits of trivia I have learned this week about the subcutaneous substance we all obsess over:

A new study says that you CAN get lose fat cells, if you lose more than 10% of your body weight. – Hurray! Never mind, that was from an “O” Magazine in January.
*Turns out last week another study rebuffed that one and reconfirmed you can only shrink cells, not get rid of them. At least naturally. There’s always that vacuum thing.

There are two kinds of fat cells in your body – brown and white. Brown burns energy, white stores energy.
Scientists are working on a method to make the white ones turn brown. Is that possible? And if so, can we also convince them to do a little tidying up in there? That whole cellulite thing is a drag.

Biggest thing I learned this week about fat:

I have not been paying enough attention to my intake. Have to knock that crap off.

Yours in health, Kate

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Behold, Achilles

Day two of no cardio. Heading to the gym for weights right now. But not without first sharing a picture of what part of my body is suffering.

Looking for this pic I accidentally came across the pictures from a surgery to repair a ruptured Achilles. Good thing lunch was a while ago.

Yours in health, Kate

Oh, and I can't leave you without a shot of Brad Pitt as Achilles. Um, yum.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm no Brad Pitt...

But you can call me Achilles. That's what I tweaked on Monday at the gym.

In my infinite wisdom and unstoppable curiosity I had to try the 4! new cardio machines at the gym. They were all interesting and different. One was a combo of run/elliptical/stairs - that would be the one that set my already existing soreness over to "damn, that hurts".

I have struggled for a couple of weeks with some soreness where my Achilles connects to the back of my ankle. I have been letting it go, I figured I need new running shoes. (Which I do.) It got a little worse while riding my bike to work last week.

I knew it was worse, so I didn't throw in a big run this weekend. Then on Monday, there they were - shiny and sleek - new weapons to burn fat. I wrapped up my warm-up walk quickly and went forward to sweat profusely; it was awesome. Not so awesome - Monday night at 6 p.m. I tried stepping on my tip-toes to look in a mirror - no go.

By yesterday morning I was pretty miserable. So, went I hit the gym to do weights only yesterday, I went and found trainer Traci. What can I do to fix my obvious problem? I hated the answer: ice and rest. Read: no weight bearing exercise. Grrr.

That means a day off today. Tomorrow I will take the day off as well, per her advice, but I am going to the gym for weights and core. If it feels better on Friday, I just had an 'owie', if not, it's time to trek to the doctor. Double grrr.

That's why I have decided to finish work today that I would normally do tomorrow. That way I don't go home, sit on the couch with my ankle up and eat. I know, I should be better than that, but I'm not. At least I'm honest enough to know that.

Now, about that Brad Pitt thing... I think I can take Angelina in a fair fight. Alas, I doubt she fights fair.

Yours in fitness, Kate

And as a bonus, here's a Bard pic -

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

From the Beginning... Reboot

Tip of the day: We all wander off the path we want to be on whether it's our food or our exercise - Don't be afraid to reboot.

Last week I rode my bike to work all week as part of "Bike to Work" Week. It was great, I used very little gas, saved money and started everyday with a little workout. It also meant only two trips to the gym in a seven day period. While I ran, biked, walked, did some light weights and core at home, mostly I went without training my muscles.

By Sunday, when I went back, I felt sluggish getting started. But I hit it hard and vowed to reboot my weight routine this week. I did the same yesterday and I will go again today. The key is, I didn't throw away all my successes so far and coast, I rebooted and got back at it.

I have done the same thing after a day laced with sugar or fat. You just have to put that behind you and move forward. If you have been struggling, I encourage you to reboot. Not only will you get back on track, but you will feel empowered that you did it all by yourself. If you are keeping track at home - that's real self-respect.
Yours in fitness, Kate

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Inspiration - 5/18/08

Like me this woman has lost 110 pounds. Unlike me, she did it with Atkins. I admire people who have the ability to give up carbs, I am not one of them. ;) I also have concerns about how fast it came off her. Admittedly she has maintained her loss for a couple of years, but it can be hard on your heart to lose so quickly.

Anyway, I think this is another good example of the same thing doesn't work for everyone. No two people are alike, find what works for you and stick with it.

Yours in health, Kate

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Take a day for yourself

I am posting mega-early so that my day with Caelen can get off to a proper (and on time) start.

I mentioned yesterday that I am not getting a workout today, which is o.k. But it reminded me that everyone needs to skip a day here or there. The two best reasons - 1. to do something purely for you - spa day, weekend trip to unwind; 2. to do something for someone you love - going to that out of town graduation party, taking care of your amazing nephew. (Biased? No, he is brilliant.)

Are you thinking about it? Are you plotting? Is there a plan already in the works?

Yours in (mental) health, Kate

Friday, May 16, 2008

End of a LONG week

I have only been to the gym once this week. All the other days I worked out on my own. That meant only one day of muscle work at the gym and one at home.

Today I will not get a workout in at all, I don't think. My friend Beaman is in town and I am going to hang out with him a while this afternoon. If we wrap up earlier than I am expecting, I will head to the gym. Even if it's like 6 p.m., because tonight I can stay up slightly later, like a grown-up.

Tomorrow no workout at all though. I have Caelen ALL day. I am meeting him and his mom at the farmers market at 7 a.m., then she is going to work and I will have him until 5:15 p.m. For Caelen, I can do that. We are going to the I-Con after FM, they have Batman and Spiderman signing autographs at 10. Then on to CelebrAsian, it's the annual Asian heritage festival. There will be kids activities everywhere, plus yummy ethnic food!

After that, not sure. Maybe just find a place to play tennis or read a book together.

Sunday will be kick my own butt day to make up for my slacker week. Of course being a big weirdo, I am VERY much looking forward to that.

Yours in fitness, Kate

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Big Blur

I had an eye exam today. My mom has glaucoma, so I have to have the full gamut of tests. That includes the heavy duty eye drops. My eyes were dilated at 1:30 p.m. I am just now able to read my keyboard to type.

Moral of the story - get your workout in before the appointment or there will be no workout. Lucky for me I power walked the 3/4 of a mile to the doctor or I wouldn't have accomplished a darn thing today.

The upside is I am out a workout because I did what I encourage others to do - maintenance. You have to take care of your body if you want it to take care of you.

By the way, eyes are okey-dokey.

Yours in health, Kate

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Workout Buddy

I am usually a solo act when it comes to working out. I put on my Creative Zen and get into the zone. It doesn't matter whether I am running, lifting or crunching, as I have noted before, music makes everything better.

So, when my friend Tim suggested we run together I said yes, but in my head I was unsure. I wasn't positive I could run the 4+ mile route he was proposing without my tunes. But he and I have been talking about doing something together for months and our schedules meshed up, I didn't want to say no.

And, it was fun. We chatted and I got to know him a little better. We have been working together for 5 and a half years now, but you don't always have the meaningful talks over the water cooler. Once again I was struck how exercise is the greatest therapist ever. It's an equalizer and makes people say things they are normally to guarded to divulge. Which just gave me the thought that the next guy I date will have to workout with me early in the relationship so we can strip away the b.s. from go.

Anyway, while I don't plan to make the twosome run a frequent habit, once in a while, I think it's nice. And I will say, for anyone who is just starting out - it can be a nice motivator to know that someone is waiting for you. Whether you don't want to let them down or it's great conversation potential that puts you in the mood, a buddy can be a wonderful tool.

Yours in fitness, Kate

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Did I just hear my thighs scream?

Doing this bike to work thing is going o.k. I bought a lock last night, but neither Lori nor I could figure it out. So, it's going back to be replaces by one with a key lock. Then maybe I won't have to store it in the broadcast studio!

The only thing that sucks is going home. It's up hill. And not just any hill, but those in my Sherman Hill neighborhood. No matter how you go about it, to get to my apartment, you go up hill.

I once thought that was really cool, because in out 3rd floor apartment you can see for miles. There's a view of the governor's mansion, every tree for miles and fireworks from a number of communities on the 4th of July.

Now, not so cool.

But, I will have to get past it and get on with it. It's time to move toward home. Let's just hope after a summer of this, I really do have a butt-o-steel.

Yours in fitness, Kate

Monday, May 12, 2008

From the beginning... Follow Through

Tip - Do what you say you're going to do.

I know that sounds simplistic and when it involves donuts or pilates, it can seem downright impossible. However, the way to increase your self-respect and therefore your positive mental picture of yourself, is to follow through.

That's been a recurring theme for me. I thought for a long time it was just about not disappointing people. But it's also about not lying to myself. No one respects a liar, not even the one doing the lying. And even in times where you haven't made an out and out commitment to anyone else, doing the basics and following through for you can be even more important.

Last week is an example: I bought my bike on Sunday and was able to pick it up on Wednesday. Thursday came and I decided after work I was going to ride for the first time so I wasn't dangerous when I did set forth at 3:40 a.m. some morning to come to work. I went home and was suddenly dead tired.

I went ahead and got ready - sun-block, exercise clothes, helmet - then it hit, I was just too tired to move forward. I sat down to rest my head and ended up with a 15 minute nap. When I woke up it went through my head that I just wanted to eat a bowl of cereal and call it an early night.

Uh, no. The other part of me would have felt stupid the next day, after making a big deal out of my first ride, if I had been asked about it and had to admit I didn't go. So I bucked up and went.

I have to tell you, it was worth it. Not only was I happy right then with the way I had performed, this morning I was WAY grateful I had done a test run.

I rolled out of bed this morning at 2:40 a.m. I ate, got my shower and stared down my bike helmet as I watched the numbers flick by on the weather channel. Yep, 40 degrees. I had the passing thought that I was crazy. But then that other thought went through my head - "Why not? You've made the commitment, now follow through." And I did.

Yes, it was chilly. But I had earned my own respect and that's worth more than a warm commute in my car any day.

Yours in fitness, Kate

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Inspiration - Happy Mother's Day

Many women have inspired me over the years:

My Mom, Marcia - She's my hero and she hates that I say that. She has made sacrifices for my entire life, from conception on and with a little complaint. She is strong, stubborn, tough and soft as a bunny all rolled into one. I am just like her in many ways and I couldn't be more proud. She has supported me on this journey and I thank her.

My Grandmother, Jean - I know more about her history than she may realize. She has been a kind-hearted rock even in times when her life couldn't have been worse. She always has a smile, a kind word and love - even when she wishes you hadn't made a certain choice. She has a quiet strength that is unmatched. I often wish I were more like her, she isn't loud and brassy, but she is still effective as all get out. I am always impressed.

My Great-Grandmother, Irene - We lost her in 2006. The later part of her life was hard for me to watch, she gave up a little. But the first 90 years were pure fight, fire and power. She was hard working, opinionated, tough, fun and drove like she was at Indy all the time. I don't have her lead foot, but people often tell me I am very much like her. I hope that is true.

My Step-Mom, Lorie - Throughout her life she has faced adversity and won. She is wise and witty and never fears fun. Yet, she can give a withering look and quickly bring the out of control back to Earth. She has been a good friend and a good foil.

Lori, my roomie - While not technically a mother in the biological sense, we do share three cats. She is also an amazing Auntie to Ben and Abby and to my own nephew Caelen on occasion. I didn't like her when we first met, she was too quiet for my taste. Turns out that's because she is always sizing up a situation and preparing the perfect rapier comment for when she deems a situation worthy. That's just one of the ways I wish I were more like her.

There are a myriad of other women who have inspired me - my sister-in-law Annette, Geneva at the office, women in politics, women at non-profits, women fighting disease and just women I have bumped into that have an amazing story.

Whether women actually have children or not, (I don't) doesn't really matter on Mother's Day. This is really a celebration of women. We take care of the world. We deserve appreciation.

So go forth and appreciate your women today.

Yours in (mental) health, Kate

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I am not very creative with my titles this weekend, am I?

I wanted to post this mega early so I can get to the Downtown Farmers Market. And now I will extol the virtues of Farmers Markets.

These annual events are a great way to get fresh produce and other products every week. Warm weather makes people think healthier thoughts, so this partners well with growing season. Plus, if you buy at a farmers market, you are quite likely buying local. That way you support the local economy, decrease the carbon foot print of your food (not as much gas or pesticides used) and can get to know your grower.

I highly encourage a conversation with every vendor who is not busy so that you know their growing schedule. Find out if they are organic, do they have a shop to visit off season, are they an Aries, whatever - it's a great way to meet people and find amazing food.

By the way, even if you aren't in the Des Moines metro, I guarantee their is a farmers market in your backyard, just look around.

Enjoy your day!

Yours in health, Kate

Friday, May 9, 2008


I have a busy weekend ahead. I have purposely over-scheduled myself in an attempt to put myself places I do not normally go. I keep being told that's the way to meet men. Let's hope these people with self-described wisdom are cooking with gas.

Tonight: Dinner and Stomp at the Civic Center
Tomorrow: Work, the Downtown Farmers Market, workout, the Celtic Festival with Caelen, Miss Witherspoon at the Stoner Theatre, The Subjective Circus
Sunday: Coffee with a friend, workout, Mother's Day with Mom, stop by Dad's for Mother's Day with Step-Mom Lorie
Monday: Work, workout, preview party for Gateway Market West - Fundraiser for One Iowa
Tuesday: work, walking club, workout, Big Dream Gathering at Polk County Convention Complex

Okay, I know I blew right through the weekend, but I thought I would make a point with my list - no one should say there is nothing to do in Des Moines. These are just the highlights of everything I really want to do. But there is only one of me, so this will have to do.

I hope you have whatever weekend you want - relaxing, do nothing (except a little exercise) or active, do everything (and a lot of exercise to boot).

Yours in fitness, Kate

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blog or Bike?

For some reason this has been the week when nothing outside of work or working out has gotten done. It doesn't help that I am not really inspired to write anything specific. I want to find something acerbic or interesting to write and I am nonplussed by my impulses. So instead, I am going to try out my bike for the first time and hope tomorrow breeds substantially more creativity.

Yours in fitness, Kate

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Biker Chick

Sunday I bought a bicycle, today I am going to pick it up. I would have taken it then, but the store was closing and it needed a different 'girly' (my word) seat installed. By the way, you know it was a man who designed the seat on bikes - they end up in some pretty uncomfortable places.

I was going to pick-up the bike with the help of a parent of some form (they have trucks and such), but I decided to wait and by a bike rack instead. I did just that early this afternoon. So, tonight I am going to grab the bike.

I am quite excited. Not only will I save gas, but it will be a whole new shock to my body to ride a bike on the street for the first time in 20 years. Hopefully that will lead to much fat burning. Dale from the seafood department at the Gateway Market has lost over 20 pounds by simply starting to bike. (Go Dale!)

Lori plans to buy a bike soon as well, so the carrier I got will hold two bikes. I am looking forward to hitting the trail already.

Yours in fitness, Kate

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I just ran two miles in 18 minutes. I walked two miles at noon. Now it's on to the gym for weights and core.

That's all I have right now because I am sweating on my keyboard. (Work would frown on my killing it.)

Yours in fitness, Kate

Monday, May 5, 2008

From the beginning... Don't stop the music

Tip - find what works for you and use it - mine is music.

Listening to myself walk on the treadmill in the beginning was pathetic. I could hear myself practically wheezing and every trod of my fat little feet thud on the spinning belt - it was depressing. While I probably should have been brought nearly to tears of joy that I was simply moving my butt, I was instead depressed by how utterly out of shape I sounded.

So, I put on an old CD Walkman and tried again, it worked. Being able to hide my 'noises' in the pulsing of the beat was an awakening point, I felt great suddenly. Then I had my CD player take a dive off the treadmill one too many times. (Yea, they're not really meant to be set precariously on the edge of a big frame with moving parts.)

I was broke and thought "well, I've been at this a while, it should be o.k.". Man, oh man, was I wrong. Within a few weeks I had slacked off. I didn't even notice at first, but I was not hitting the gym hardly at all. I plateaued and wondered why. Duh!

I sat down one day and thought it out. Why was I suddenly so intent on sitting on my butt and then it hit me - this had come to pass at about the same time the CD player had died. I NEED MUSIC! So, I saved my pennies and got my mp3 player and I have never looked back.

The moral of this story is - find what your 'thing' is. The catalyst that makes you feel like working out. The thing that juices you every time, even when you just aren't firing on all pistons. I have a friend that has to have a specific kind of sock or she will not run - she has 52 pairs - many are hidden away at her office, the gym and in her car, just in case she forgets them.

I am at work and I was just looking for my player to charge it - it's not here! I will have to go home before I can workout. While I can do it without, it's easier with and that means, as long as it's realistic, I will make it happen.

Find your thing and see how much easier it is to get motivated.

Yours in fitness, Kate

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Inspiration

I found this article in my Women's Health magazine. I do not relate directly to these women, but it gives me a few ideas of my own. Hence, I am inspired.

This article is about breaking through bad habits and food things that sabotage our diets.

These aren't the usual weight loss stories I share on Sunday. Instead I thought I would help inspire your thoughts for your own weight loss story.

Yours in health, Kate

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday Satisfaction

Today is a day of work in the early morning. Then volunteering in the mid-morning. Then on to the gym for one of my looong workouts.

No running today after my long job on Thursday, my ankle is a little tender. Instead no impact cardio like elliptical and bike. Plus, lots of weights and abs, since I didn't workout yesterday, my muscles will be fully rested and ready to pump.

Then errands and an evening of rest. The only thing that will be more satisfying is next Saturday - it's the first day of the Downtown Farmer's Market! I am pumped! Fresh produce, fresh coffee and a relaxed stroll through the streets I love. It doesn't get better.

Hope you have a great Saturday!

Yours in fitness, Kate

Friday, May 2, 2008

Apparently I was too busy

Sorry. I just noticed that I didn't post yesterday. I was in work mode in the morning and then at noon my exercise kicked in.

Noon - Walking club with Chandler - 1.8 miles
Back to work
3 p.m. - Decide to run 4.25 miles (goal is to go from work to look at a house for sale on 35th to hospital to see friend's baby)
5:30 p.m. - Walking club with Chandler - 1.8 miles

That middle part, that's the important one.

When I set out I simply needed to complete the 4.25 miles in an hour, so I could get up to the hospital by 4 p.m. to see the baby. I thought o.k., I can do that easily, even if I become uninspired by running and decide to walk.

Oh, no not me. I am so competitive against myself. I am at the end of mile one and I think, "Damn you're slow! If you are going to do this, you better pull it together." I pick-up the pace. I finish the first leg, to the house, in 22 minutes, it was 2.1 miles, so just under 11 minute miles. I am happy, I know I am going to make it to the hospital on time.

I look around the outside of the house, which is kind of small and needs some TLC, for about 2.5 minutes. The neighbor kid is staring at me as I pant and sweat profusely on the sidewalk. I figure that second wave of 'hello' is a heads up that he may call the police because I am freaking him out. So I start running again.

Something in me says, let's see if we can do this faster, run longer, really push it. Or maybe it was someone in me and if it is, can she please beat the crap out of my evil voice Luci? Because if push-yourself girl can make me run 9 minutes miles, I am pretty sure she can also take the queen of the sugar craving.

So, I did it. 4.25 miles in 40 minutes. I was floored and thrilled. Basically 9.5 minute miles. Heck yea!

Perfect timing too. I don't have time to workout today because of work, doing somebody a favor and helping coordinate a fundraiser tonight. My body can use the day to recover though. It did almost 8 miles yesterday, for me, that's a lot. YEA!

Yours in fitness, Kate