Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chiropractic, Give it a Crack

Okay, actually, that's a bit of a misnomer.  While you sometimes hear a 'cracking' noise when you are being adjusted by your chiropractor, it's actually harmless.  It's gases escaping the barriers surrounding your joints.

Because of noises like this or urban legends, I know there are people actually scared of chiropractors.  Worse yet, there are other doctors who warn away from seeking such care.  The former is lack of knowledge.  The latter often has to do with lack of knowledge as well, but also selfishness - they would rather you continue to come to them or let them do surgery, rather than find relief outside of their practice.

Chiropractic medicine offers a wonderful (non-surgical) alternative for relief of not just back and neck pain, but many other maladies with which you may afflicted.  That being said, I have never met a chiropractor who discouraged surgery for those who really needed it.  These doctors just want to make every effort to assist you and lessen the possibility of going under the knife.

Let me tell you about a my recent visit to the chiropractor.  After tweaking my back from a slide on the ice, within minutes I could barely walk.  It was a subtle slide, but it pushed both of my hips out of position.  While I was at the doctor, I decided to mention that my neck had felt stiff for quite a while.  A few adjustments and some therapy later and I was walking better and seems to be half an inch taller.

In truth?  I had been so misaligned that indeed I was standing taller!  And, the adjustment also spotlighted the fact that my misalignment was blocking several key glands that help monitor and maintain stress, weight gain and other things I have been struggling with.  I would never have known if I hadn't slid on the ice.

My story is just one example.  Chiropractors tend to be holistic, so not only do they look at your joints, they also consider other issues surrounding your overall health.  You see, being misaligned can cause: bad sleeping patterns; weight gain; increased pain from diseases like fibromyalgia and crohn's disease; migraines; achy feet; even personality changes.

I am not telling you to run out tomorrow to a chiropractor.  What I am saying is that if you are looking for relief from a long-term problem, this may be an alternative to 'just living with it'.  This website can help you find some other answers and a doctor if you decide you want to try a new option for relief.

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