Saturday, March 17, 2007

Day 250

The title of this post surprises me a bit. I didn't set out to start this on day 250, it was an accident, but a happy one I suppose. It seems I have made it through 250 days of dieting and sometimes exercising. Through it I have kept my sanity (most days) and lost 64 pounds.

Now I am halfway. I started at 260, I am now at 196. That puts me about 60 pounds from my goal. After years of faltering and bouncing up and down, I am finally doing it. I am sorry to say that I did it the only way that you can both guarantee you'll lose weight and keep it off - diet and exercise. So, I apologize if you were hoping to find a story of a magic pill here, I have had no such luck. I have just made the proverbial "life style change".

So, at this mid-point I am finding a need to take a new road in my journey. I already flog (food log, just me coining a new term, look out Stephen Colbert) and post in the O! Groups for weight loss at; see the links on the right. I would not be here without both of those tools. But now that this is going to get tougher, by my guesstimation, it's time to step it up, so here I am.

The thing I like about the Oprah boards is the interactive support, so I hope to continue that here. Your comments are always welcome and encouraged. Even if you just want to confess to someone that you have a box of ding-dongs for dinner instead of grilled chicken and asparagus. Or maybe your significant other should be flogged for bringing home pizza for the third time in a a week. I will be here. And unlike my other blog, which I am still debating the fate of, I promise to be here every day or so to keep up.

3, 2, 1... here we go. Wish me luck!

Best always, Kate
Weight - 196

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