Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Swiss Cheese Memory

Play me in trivia and I will likely send you away in great defeat.  Ask me what I had for breakfast this morning and I will draw a blank.  Show me a mediocre film from the 80's and I will tell you who the guy halfway through the movie once played on TV in the 70's.  Ask me when I blogged last, you guessed it, I forget.

It's not that blogging isn't important.  Or that dropping off bags I had (forever) for a friend of my mom's isn't important.  I have been told that I am too busy and that is the problem.  I then wonder why on earth I know the artist and title to match an obscure 60's song a listener calls for - but I couldn't remember to give my boss a set of  checks for five months.  You would think my mind would have some sort of prioritization.

When this first started happening I thought I had early on-set Alzheimer's - and no, I am not joking - that's nothing to joke about, it's a terrible disease.  But truly there are times I can't find my cell phone, but I remember something from a meeting six months ago when somebody needs to write an e-mail.  I'm not whining, just a bit confused, which is what the lack of memory has lead to. 

But then I did remember something, exercise seemed to have helped when I was really going at it every day.  I think I need to buckle down and fill-in the holes in the Swiss cheese.

Yours in health,

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