Monday, February 22, 2010

Oatmeal is Whole Grain Happiness

O.k., if I could eat anything for breakfast everyday and get away with it - egg McMuffin or world's best chocolate donut.  Needless to say that isn't realistic AT ALL.  So, I have found my way to oatmeal.  Huh?

I know, there are not even in the same family.  But I find a big bowl of oatmeal with just a bit of brown sugar and nuts satisfying.  The whole grain has a whole list of happy side effects and the nuts are monounsaturated fat heaven.  The bit of brown sugar isn't great, but compared to my other options - at least it is real sugar.

The greatest part is I can usually make it to lunch without needing to snack.  Or if I am really famished, adding a banana mid-morning will get me through.  AND of course, it is substantially healthier than some of the options I would love to have.

So, thank you Mister Quaker - your oats rock!

Yours in health,

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