Monday, February 1, 2010

A Little Bit of Spring Makes Everything Better!

We shot the cover for the next edition of !ntuition Magazine last Thursday.  It put me in the best mood in quite some time.  We went to the Botanical Center and took pictures inside the show house.  In the end it doesn't look like the Bot Center so much as she is working at a table in her back yard.

The beautiful Stacy Lovan (one of LITE 104.1's Outstanding Women) is our cover model.  Stacy was dressed in spring colors, we had her potting plants and I bought tulips because the ones at the Bot hadn't bloomed yet.  Paige Peterson was our photographer and she has captured the most colorful, hopeful images I have seen in a long time - and that's exactly what I wanted.

When you look at the pictures of Stacy you feel like our Iowa winter might actually abate at some point.  Literally hope springs eternal with these shots, I can't wait to share with all of you when the magazine hits stands in the second week of March.

The biggest thing that caught all of our attention though, besides the great pictures, were the tulips.  I had bought two sets and we took four and put them in the dirt, so they looked like they were coming right out of the pot.  By the end of the shoot the flowers had opened up.  They had bloomed while we were busy concentrating on the look we wanted.

We all smiled and laughed and realized we had bloomed a bit too.  We were all in a better mood after the warmth of the Bot and even the humidity.  It was so refreshing, I highly recommend a visit when you think you can't take one more minute of this winter.

I also recommend tulips.  I sent the purple ones home with Stacy as a thank you and I kept the yellow ones.  They are cheery and bright and give me a sense that not all has been lost to ice and snow.  People at the office are stopping to look for that same reason.  This little bit of spring has definitely made me happier.

Yours in health,

Here is a picture of the tulips I took with my phone (not great quality, but you get the idea):

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  1. Glad to know things went well and that the tulips made your two lips smile. Keep up the good work!