Saturday, February 20, 2010

!ntuition is in Bed, why aren't I?

We finished up all of the edits on the March/April edition of Intuition Magazine today.  The cover is just as beautiful as I wanted it to be.  There will be no mistaking - it screams SPRING!  The issue will hit stands starting March 11 and we wanted to give everyone hope that this winter will abate. 

When we had that original conversation, in October, we were thinking it would be just a couple of weeks to spring when the magazine hit stands.  Sadly we realized today that it's actually going to be at least a month, quite possibly six weeks before we lose the last of our snow.  Some of the snow the city of Des Moines has had to hoard away at their dry lake probably won't melt til June. 

This is crazy, I mean more snow last night?  And more forecast for tomorrow?  I was talking to my friend Amy Sweet today and we have decided it's time to just set the damn record already.  I mean, before last night's snow, we were about 15 inches away from the snowiest winter ever.  Now, we're about 10.5.  I would hate to have suffered this much without something to cling to. 

Look at it this way, if we do hit the record, our grand children will all get an earful of what our grandparents gave us - "You think this is snowy, well it's nothing like the winter of 2009-2010..."  I mean some things are meant to move through the generations right?  Of course, we can't really compete with the uphill both ways thing, but we can say cell phone reception was horrible and the satellite dish crapped out - that will scare future generations.

Oh dear, I just read back through that, I'm a little punchy...  I think it's time to make like Intuition and go to bed.

Yours in health,

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