Friday, January 22, 2010

Gratitude is in the Attitude

I openly admit I struggle with eating too much food.  I blog about it, I publicly speak about it, I own it.  But the one thing I forget is to be grateful.

Not grateful that I overeat, but that I have food. 

I look at the pictures from Haiti and I am humbled.  These people didn't have much before the earthquake and now they are suffering more than ever.  I look at the children standing and waiting for the school bus in my neighborhood in their tattered winter coats with no mittens and I wonder if their parents were able to feed them.

When I was growing up, we were poor.  Finishing everything on your plate was expected.  And the guilt inducing line "there are children starving in China" was frequently invoked until I learned to be a smarty and tell my mom to ship my leftovers to them then.

I am not rich now, but I do not miss meals because of being poor.  I am blessed by ample food, housing, warm clothes and employment.  So, even as I face down the seemingly insurmountable obstacle of my weight, I need to remember how good I have it.

With that said, there is something everyone (who can afford it) can do to make the situation in Haiti better - give money.  It can be as little as $5, but that money will be put in the hands of experts who can use it to feed, clothe, house and rebuild Haiti.  You should not give to just any charity that pops up.  Give only to those who are already established so that the money goes where it is supposed to and not to buy someone a new car.

Here is a link to the page the Des Moines Radio Group has set up to give directly to the Save the Children Fund

Also, tonight, one of the best men I have never met, has organized a telethon to reach an international audience to raise millions of dollars in aid.  George Clooney has put out a call to his friends and fellow entertainers to come answer phones, perform and speak to raise the money.  Eleven American television networks will air the telethon tonight which will feature Clooney, President Clinton, Wyclef Jean, Will Smith and others making the pitch while over 140 other celebrities will answer phones and take your donations.

So, take the lesson I have retaught myself - be grateful for what you have and work for what you want.

Yours in health,

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