Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Support - It's More than just a Sports Bra

While a great sports bra is imperative for any big woman starting to work out, there is something more important - people around you willing to help or at the very least, not get in the way.

When I dropped my weight last time my family struggled to understand and relate.  By the time I was at my lowest weight they were whispering about anorexia - 150 pounds at 5' 4" is not dangerously thin.

My co-workers had no intention of sabotaging me, but man they are all great bakers and cooks!

This time, something is in the air and I am about to benefit from it.  My mom and step-dad are working out.  My brothers and sister-in-law all have intentions to be healthier in 2010.  And more than half of my workplace is doing something to get in shape and/or be healthier.  Combine that with the unwavering support of my healthy-cooking roomie Lori and I think this will be easier.

Yet 'easy' is a relative word when it comes to losing substantial weight and being healthier.  Really I am hoping for 'consistent' and 'ongoing', because 'easy' is also a cookie.

Yours in health,


  1. I've noticed that shift, too.

    I know you can find 15-20 everyday to blog. It will help keep you accountable, even if it's only to you. You are worth being accountable to.

  2. You are right Vertpaix! Thanks for stopping by!