Monday, December 1, 2008

Rolling on

I am back at work today for the first time in 10 days. I was technically on vacation, but with the move and the holiday, it didn't really feel like it. Plus, my ongoing battle with the blues.

To that point, I have made an appointment to see a counselor to try to hash this out. I am not really a whiner and I have a horrible time feeling like I can lean on other people, even if they offer. So, if I am actually paying someone, maybe it will make me feel freer.

Otherwise, I have made a vow to go back to the gym this week. I also have to make an appointment for PT for my knee. I have a month until I go back to the doctor, want to see if I can make some progress.

Also, going to my regular doc today to talk about my breathing problem. I will hit more on that tomorrow, but it's not just because I have gained weight back. I know there is something more.

Wow, apparently I personally plan to help the medical community in Des Moines pay for a happy holiday. :)

Yours in transition, Kate

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