Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do you pay her to do that?

When I train in the pools at the YMCA Healthy Living Center with my personal trainer Gwyn, we are quite the draw for those with a natural curiosity - today was no exception.

I had put in 25 minutes doing laps and then Gwyn came to join me in the lap pool.  We took over the lane as she had me run up and down the length of the pool.  I did tons of jumping jacks, ab work and swam with water weights as my arms made their windmill through the water.  Between my laps and her workout, I am sore and tired, but invigorated.  I have come so far and it feels great.  The little ladies at the pool have a different view....

Most of the ladies are older, especially since I workout during the day, and they aren't rockin' the killer attitude I am.  They are there to stay fit or if they are trying to get fit, throwing a punch under water never passed through their mind.

I fully admit, we draw attention to ourselves, we splash around like a herd of horses drowning.  But I love their reactions, it really makes my day.  They sometimes stare, sometimes laugh and often comment.  The most popular question is "Do you pay her to do that to you?"  I always smile and says, "Yes, I want to work this hard."  That's met with head shakes, further quizzing or people wanting to ask Gwyn about training.

I actually love it.  I love telling people about how hard work pays off.  About how great Gwyn is.  And when I hear the words that make me go to the gym 5 or 6 days a week, not "you are looking good", instead - "you are inspiring."  If I can help one person feel the urge to go to the gym or eat healthier and therefore they live longer, I have done my job and yes, I would pay for that.

Yours in Health,


  1. how very condescending. little old ladies. wow. rock that attitude.

  2. Well, Anonymous, I didn't actually say "little old ladies". I said "little ladies" and a paragraph later I say they are a little older.

    I could have been more specific about their ages, but that's bad form AND I believe age is just a number - you can do anything at any age, if you choose. I would NEVER call anyone a "little old lady". In fact, when my older friends (of which I have many) call themselves "old", I correct them, they are wonderful vivacious women who can live any life they choose.

    Hope that helps clarify that which you thought you were reading between the lines.

  3. Still a very condescending voice. Little ladies. They don't "rock your killer attitude". And, yes, by inference, you called them out twice, once as little ladies and then as "most of the ladies are older".
    And I happen to be one of them.There was nothing I was reading between the lines, it was there for all to see.

  4. I'm sorry you think that Bonnie, but you are wrong. I am the one who wrote it and I know what I intended. I am not condescending to anyone. On the contrary the fact that everyone comes to workout deserves the utmost respect, no matter their age. I need you to understand that not everyone it ageist, in fact, my soon to be 82-year old grandmother is my biggest inspiration.