Monday, October 11, 2010

This is Definitely a Monday

My ankle is being iced as we speak.  I twisted it, in bed, early Saturday morning.  And no, I wasn't doing anything fun.  I had fixed the blanket, laid on my side and very groggily pushed up to my pillow with my feet and twisted my ankle.  Now that's ridiculous.  So, it's day three of ice and Aleve or Advil.

Yesterday I did a water workout and trainer Gwyn at the YMCA Healthy Living Center has agreed to do one today as well - lessoning the impact on my ankle.

There have been a few other rocky moment this morning, but the biggest bummer is that a friend/boss of mine is leaving.  She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders, a real innovator and great teacher, nothing will be quite the same without her.

All of that said, rather than dive into a box of chocolate, I will keep busy today and sleep early tonight.  That will give Tuesday a fighting chance.

Yours in Health,

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