Monday, October 4, 2010

Get Organized

I just spent three long hours cleaning and organizing my desk.  Anyone who works with me will tell you - I can brainstorm and create like nobody's business, but my desk usually looks like a graveyard for long forgotten agendas.  So, after months of saying I was going to do it, today I did and I feel better.

Which made me think of organizing your life for any number of changes - baby, new job or even weight loss.  Making sure you have at least the basics of what you need and knowing where you can find them can breed success.

  • Pick a drawer for just workout clothes, when it gets low, it's time for laundry.
    • (Because not having clean workout clothes is not a good excuse for skipping a workout.)
  • Put your healthy food options at the front of the cupboard or refrigerator.
    • If you have to dig for the not-as-good choices, it will remind you there are better options.
  • Keep your gym shoes in the trunk - in fact, if you are forgetful, get yourself two pair.
    • Again, not having these can temp you to skip a workout.
  • Make sure your tools are accessible from anywhere - this includes your calorie counter, food/workout journal, blog for keeping track of yourself - that means internet tools are the best.
Those are just a few ideas, there are many others, but you get the idea.  Being organized for your health can eliminate excuses and breed success.

Yours in Health,

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