Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Bucket of Cookies and An Ounce of Growth

Yesterday was the Cookie Walk to benefit "Shoes That Fit", an organization that helps get warm clothes for underprivileged kids in the metro.  Des Moines' Holiday Music Station LITE 104.1 (my station), Mediacom and West Glen Town Center put on the event with donated cookies from a long list of generous businesses.  For a first time fundraiser, it went very well.  A lot of fans of the station came out and it was really fun.

Since it was for a good cause, I had to buy a bucket of cookies.  I bought a bucket for Monica, one of our part-timers, as well and with my gloves on she braved the chilly wind and went business to business collecting the cookies.  She also later donated money herself, good kid!  She brought them back and I looked inside, yum, they looked fabulous, but I didn't eat any - yep, you read that right.

I realized I hadn't had real food to eat in a few hours, so I needed lunch before I put sugar in my tummy.  After the event was over, I grabbed a healthy lunch and then got back in the car with the open bucket of cookies.  Oddly, though I was fully aware they were there, lunch was satisfying and I wasn't even tempted.

Long story short, the open bucket of cookies was in my presence for at least 45 minutes of driving from location to location and I never ate one.  They made it all the way home, except the one I 'tipped' my hairdresser with during my up-do for the Christmas party.

I walked in the door to change for the party, put the bucket on the counter and walked straight upstairs.  By the time I was ready I had forgotten about them.  When I came down the stairs Lori drooled, "A bucket of cookies..." and I said, "Oh yea, I forgot."  I explained where they were from, told her she could have as many as she wanted and asked if she could please bag them up because I was running late.

The common thread here is that my old behavior would have had me stuffing those suckers back one or two at a time, especially when no one was around to witness it.  Even as I am typing, they aren't really tempting me.  I am kind of feeling like the Grinch's heart right now - I have grown.

Yet, I will admit, at some point I will savor the gourmet goodies.  But I don't feel rushed to do so, I don't have that fervor that has taken over so many times - 'I better eat it or somebody else will'.  If they do that's okay, I know the name of each store that donated and they will happily make more.

Yours in Health,

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