Friday, December 31, 2010

Lucky Foods for New Year's Day

I am currently (for the 6th year in a row) working on New Year's Eve.  I am running the controls for STAR 102.5's Downtown Countdown.  No complaints, it's a complement to be entrusted with a 6 hour, live party show. (Or at least that what our old program director Jim said.)

While I am punching button I thought, 'Hey, this really gives me time to hunt down the info for tonight's blog'.  It did.  One search of Google and I found that Epicurious has already done a fantastic job with "Lucky Foods for New Year's Day".  In fact, for years I have searched out something this thorough. 

It covers foods and dishes considered lucky from around the world AND offers some of the recipes. I am really impressed and rather than recreating I thought I would give them props and share theirs.  I brought over their picture as well. :)

So, here's hoping your 2011 starts lucky and stays that way.

Yours in Health,

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