Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Dinner Planning Begins - The Breakfast Smoothie

I have been putting together recipes for a "healthier" holiday dinner.  I have used parenthesis because, as you know, we could cut all the fat and calories in the world and if you binge, it no longer matters.  With that in mind today we start with the most important meal of the day, breakfast.  It's particularly important on a holiday - you know why.

What? You're going to make me explain it?  LOL.  Okay, fine, eating breakfast has many benefits:  it fires up your energy, which you are going to need to get through the day; it gives your brain the fuel so that you remember to put the salt in the potatoes, not the sugar; and it helps stave off binges when dinner is finally ready.

This recipe for Emeril's Yummy Wake-up Smoothie is super easy and very healthy.  It's full of fruit, fiber and a little protein.  Use non-fat yogurt and it's even healthier.

I went with a smoothie because all it requires is a blender and a little time AND it's for YOU.  Yes, Y-O-U, the one who will be up before the crack of dawn making sure there will be food for everyone else later in the day.  Plus, there are a couple more servings for the little ones who couldn't stay in bed because there are presents under the tree.

Tomorrow, "healthier" appetizers and a reasonable dip.

Yours in Health,

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