Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Think It's Bubble Bath Time

It's only Thursday and yet, it feels like it should be next Wednesday.  It has been a hard, stressful week of everyone else's problems being mine.  I was even mean to one of my favorite people here at work today.  She bore the brunt of my frustration and it wasn't fair.  I will try to make it up to her, but it made me look hard at my stress level.

They still have no answers as to why I landed in the hospital, they say they may never know.  With the way the week has slowly worn me down, I'm leaning toward the guess the emergency room doctors proffered - yep, stress.  Feeling overwhelmed, overworked, lacking sleep and faltering.  I have been working hard on the sleep, but the work has risen again.  So, I will attempt to correct.

My parents are going on vacation next week and this may be a good chance.  You see, I am dog-sitting three furry children who need a little more attention than my lifestyle usually allows.  But I am thinking that I will try to telecommute from my mom's house as much as possible.  That will cause those most in need of my help to e-mail me or call my cell for assistance, thereby limiting interruptions.  Hey, I might actually accomplish something.

For now, I am serious about that bubble bath.  I am grabbing dinner, going home and sinking in a tub-o-bubbles. :)

Yours in Health,


  1. Better yet, perhaps sink into a tub full of skin nourishment such as cocoa tub truffles, bath salts, etc!!! Better than soap for sure.

  2. Those sound divine. It ended up being hot cocoa scented bubble bath and it was nice. Just wish my tub was deeper for a real soak. :)