Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The "C" word for those attempting to eat healthy.  It pops up everywhere during the holiday season.  Sometimes left in dishes off by itself with no witnesses to see you indulge.  If no one sees it, it never happened, right?

Well holiday candy is like everything else in life, you can have it in moderation.  But unlike other things, a little candy that weighs less than an ounce can be, not only a calorie bomb, but full of really bad fats.

Today I went forth seeking a healthier option and Martha Stewart has come through.  (No surprise there.)  I wanted dark chocolate because it's heart healthy and nuts for the same reason.  These Chocolate-Nut Patties fit the bill and they couldn't be more simple.  The only thing that might be a little foreign to you is tempering the chocolate, but the recipe explains that as well.  Enjoy!

Yours in Health,

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