Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back on the Road

After my unscheduled day off yesterday, I was back at it today. And I was well hydrated. I drank all afternoon, because it was in the 90's outside and so humid it felt like I was breathing soup again.

This was noticed even more markedly as my run was fast, out of necessecity.

I had agreed to the honor of being the witness for Casey and Annette's marriage license, so I needed to meet them at the Polk County Admin building at 4. I planned my work day around it and at 3:20 I started wrapping things up and getting ready to go change for my run. The run that would take me to the admin building to sign my name. Well, as I was headed for the bathroom, a woman at work who needed to talk stopped me. She has been having a rough time and I didn't want to seem uncaring, so I took a few minutes to listen. Time started to slip and I finally looked at my watch, apologized and headed for the bathroom.

I swapped clothes and went to drop my bag at the desk. I grabbed my headset and went for the door. Oh wait, the battery is dead. I quickly dispensed of it in my bag and literally ran for the door. That's because it was 3:45.

Now, I am still not running straight through a mile, though I am getting closer. I figure I am going to be cutting it very short because the run/walk combo I usually invoke takes me about 13.5 minutes for a mile. One problem, I really don't want to roll up with just a minute to go. So I ran.

I ran - hard. I briefly fell into a hard walk three times, but otherwise I ran. I was in such a hurry I was sure I would slide out in front of a bus. I ended up with an 11 minute mile. I could barely breathe at the end and was sweating like a moose, but by god I was on time.

And the three of us were able to get the license taken care of wihtout a hitch. Unless you count Annette twisting her ankle. It looked really painful, but she did her best to smile through it. I am hoping she is at home with it on ice right now. (hint, hint)

As for me, I finished my workout with a run/walk back to work. Met with walking club for another couple of miles. Came home, ate a healthy dinner and am now going to bed after a 18 hour day. (That way I can be ready for tomorrow's 18-20 hour day.)

Best always, Ms_H
Weight - 166 pounds


  1. I RICEd it all night. I am not in heels today. They're technically wedges. I threw the evil pair from yesterday into the bin because it was surely the shoes that were the problem.

  2. Look at you, being technical. LOL. I'm glad you disposed of the offending mules. I hope you are doing better today.