Saturday, October 27, 2007

Traci's Tips

This will normally be posted on Friday's, but we are just getting things up and running. So here is the first installment of a weekly feature called "Traci's Tips".

Traci is of course, my trainer at Fitness World West and she rocks! Listen up and enjoy!

1. Add some heavy weight training after a cardio workout to spike your metabolic rate for an hour after exercising. This will burn an additional 25% of calories you just burned!

2.Try working out in the morning! Great way to get your metabolism started for the day!

3. Exercises of the Week: Walking Lunges
Do 4 sets of 20 of those within your workout and feel the results!

4. Instead of just turning up the resistance on the Elliptical, try speeding up! It's going to burn just as bad and give you a great cardio burn as well!!

5. Cut back on fatty foods and eat more lean protein. This is going to help you build and tone your body's muscles.

Thanks Traci!

There you go, just a couple of ideas to add to your growing wealth of knowledge as you get more fit. Or as I did 15 months ago, start your journey.

Yours in fitness, Kate

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