Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The CrossFit Date

It's hard to believe it was 17 days ago that I tried my first CrossFit workout with Bret. On the other hand it feels like months ago. However, because it was both challenging and fun, I remember it well enough to go ahead and blog about it now.

I went over to Bret's, he has a very nice house with a gym attached to it. Inside is everything you need to workout. It's very nice, he teaches Judo to friends and acquaintances as a way to keep his personal skills sharp. I like him because he likes to challenge himself and I thrive on that too.

He talked me through some of the basics about CrossFit and then proposed a workout. He took it down a notch for me, since I haven't done one before and he kept it standard for him.

Me -
-3 jumping pull-ups
-7 push-ups
-10 body weight squats

Him -
-5 pull-ups
-10 push-ups
-15 body weight squats

We did it each minute, on the minute, for 21 minutes for a total of 20 sets. In between we got between 18-20 seconds rest. It felt awesome. I didn't even hurt the next day. Bret did a little, but he also did more than I did.

I enjoyed the workout enough I am willing to try other CrossFit workouts as well. I will say however, it's not for beginners. It's really a form of working out to take yourself to the next level or face down a new challenge.

As for the rest of the date, you curious bunnies, it was very nice. We showered (separately, thank you), went to dinner at Torrocco! and then to a movie. Afterward we talked until early in the morning. It was very relaxing and interesting.

Well, tomorrow it's on to that friend's adventure in extreme body shaping. Might I suggest, in advance, that you not eat your lunch right before you read the little story.

Yours in fitness, Kate

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