Monday, June 23, 2008

The Last Two Weeks or so

Looking back at my last two posts I found word errors, my lack of sleep was already showing. Starting June 9 and going through Last Tuesday, June 17 I was in flood coverage mode. Three-a-day press conference, tracking leads, writing reports, updating web pages and recording news reports. Those last three days were the come down period, but I was still working at least 18 hours a day. At the peak I averaged 4 hours a night. My least was the night I slept 1.5 hours fitfully waking up every 10-15 minutes waiting for disaster to strike.

This last week I also coordinated a fundraiser for flood relief for the Red Cross. It was started by a handful of radio stations in Minnesota and bloomed into a 12 city, 15 hour radiothon and website. So far we have raised over $45,000, not too bad considering I helped them throw it together in just 4 days with no budget. We brought things to a close here in Des Moines on KIOA raising a good chunk of that in an hour.

On Friday at 7 p.m. I was able to finally exhale for the first time in really 15 days and look at life again.

During those preceding days though, I was only able to workout ONCE! Last Monday I crammed in a short run, some weights and then later a CrossFit workout. It was good timing as I didn't realize that the next morning the fundraiser was going to broadside me and send me back into 18 hour days.

But let me be clear - I may have worked my ass off, but every second was worth it. I love my job, I love that by getting the facts out to people I can help keep them safe. I love that I can direct people to the services they need and help the authorities to reach thousands of people at once. And I love helping raise money to aid in the recovery - I plan to continue to do that until it's no longer needed. So, despite the lack of workouts, sleep and private life, those 15 days fed my soul in a whole other way.

Not only did I lack sleep and exercise, I also ate like crap. Combine the three for a 9 pound weight gain. Ah, yes, the old Kate rears her ugly head. I took stress eating to a whole new level.

It's over now though. We are truly into recovery mode. The rains have stayed away and my city and state are drying out. The first fundraiser is behind us and Saturday I escaped to Minneapolis for 18 hours. And yesterday I started over.

From the first thing to the last thing I put in my mouth yesterday I ate healthy. I even hid away for a long run and weights session. I have reset. Today I will continue my transition back into my 'normal' life, in fact I am headed to the gym in about 15 minutes. But this whole thing has reminded me, nothing is ever simple and everything requires vigilance.

Tomorrow I promise to start blogging about the things I promised on the 9th. Until then...

Yours in fitness, Kate

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