Thursday, June 26, 2008


I am tired. There are several reasons:

- I still have not completely recovered from covering the floods, etc. (And it keeps pouring today - argh!)
- I am having my 'girl time'. O.k., period. I love being a woman, wouldn't have it any other way, except during the first three days of this lovely week every month. I am so tired, it nearly knocks me out.
- I keep trying to have a life and letting sleep slide to do so. (I know, bad Kate.)

As I sit here typing and yawning I keep thinking about a nap, not working out. But as I bagged a hardcore workout yesterday (which I regretted within minutes of leaving the gym bag at home) because I was tired, today that will not fly.

So instead I am typing this as a hand to eye warning - "Kate, you will move your butt today!" Now, I am going to find caffeine and head out to a remote broadcast, followed by that much needed workout. Which will hopefully wake me up!

Yours in fitness, Kate

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