Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Put down the cookie and step away slowly

I have had a brutally stressful and angry day. I am swinging between wanting to scream and cry. When Kathy at the front desk brought in homemade cookies in the midst of this mental onslaught my instant reaction was "Thank god!". I immediately started toward the container. Then, before even reaching the lobby I stopped, spun on a heel and headed for the refrigerator to find my carrots.

Through unstoppable frustration I was able to abort my most basic survival instinct and not eat the pain away. It is the one bright spot in a day full of feeling like I dropped my ice cream cone when I was five. A mixture of sadness and loss.

I am now going to do something healthy with my anger - I am going to the gym. That's what you have to do - make healthy choices and redirect your energies.

Yours in health, Kate

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