Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How tired am I?

That's the debate I am having with myself now. I have just wrapped up work for the day - yep 11.5 hours (I took out the one for lunch). It is not going to rain in the next hour, I have just checked the radar.

So, the question is - if I leave here now, can I convince myself to get in a quick run? Or is the window gone and I just need to hit it harder tomorrow?

I have some major guilt over the idea of not working out. But I am going to put in two longer workouts tomorrow, so some of that can be assuaged. That and the fact that I have been pitch perfect this week on food.

In fact, my food has been so good I would swear I was back to last August before I ended up in the hospital. And that, quite frankly is cool.

I have decided, one day off is not bad. Especially since I am planning two workouts tomorrow and Saturday with one big one on Friday to fill the gap. Instead I think I will go do what I never do - relax.

Yours in health, Kate

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