Monday, February 9, 2009

New Gym

I learned a lesson today, there is no direct way to get anywhere on the skywalk. :)

That being said, I joined Gym F/X today downtown. I am way excited. And I was way good on food today.

I got an extra workout today as I discovered that there are no direct routes on the skywalk. So what I thought would be a 15 minute walk became 30. It annoyed me and amused me simultaneously.

I also tried doing squats, that went o.k. But when I tried doing lunges, uh,no. My knee was not having it. I will have to have a trainer work with me on alternatives.

Anyway, I am really going to do this. I have even made a two year commitment to the gym to get a good deal.

I am working on a new food and workout plan. As soon as I have an hour to myself I will write it down and share.

Yours in fitness, Kate

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