Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another long week

I'm sorry, another week has been messed up by life. My dad ended up in the hospital for what, we found out after 48 hours, is a very "hot" gall bladder. His gall bladder is so infected it put him in horrible pain and has caused swelling surrounding the organ. It's so infected they are keeping him for at least another day to pump IV antibiotics. Then he will be sent home with more beds to try to continue improvement. Once the gall bladder settles down, they will remove it in 4-6 weeks. Right now it is too infected to remove without being life threatening.

So, I have spent too much time at Mercy West Lakes hospital as we have tried to manage his pain and figure out what was wrong. Poor guy, he also passed two kidney stones durong this - I have passed four and to put it in perspective: my mother who has passed one and had three long births assures me the kidney stone was MUCH worse.

My sleep has been messed up, so I am so tired. But I know my dad would do the same for me, so I have no complaints.

As for my health, I will be going back to working out with Gwyn Monday - thankfully. I need the regamine of going to the gym to help my life settle out again. Luckliy, if dad is still in the hospital, it is just down the street from the YMCA Healthy Living Center. I also have Intuitive Eating on Monday night. I want to get back to class after surgery and the holiday.

Well, I better go help dad with his dinner.

Yours in Health,

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