Monday, July 5, 2010

Long Time No Blog

I am so tired. My neighbors kept me up until after midnight with fireworks and I had to be up at 4 to work. I have a friend that says we should leagalize them in the state and tax the hell out of them. I was considering his ides until last night - over 3 hours of explosions outside of my house felt more like a mini-Kabul than DM.

Anyway, now I am grabbing breakfast and going home for a nap. Then it's back to work for a while.

This whole surgery thing has thrown me off track. I am still suffering with being tired and a bit sore. ThatLs okay, I know it's natural. My biggest problem is I revisited the exercise issue with my doctor's office and they have told me nothing strenuous - read anything except walking - until after my follow-uo with him. So, I was bad and moved my appointment up to this Wednesday. It was supposed to be three weeks, instead it will be just shy of two. What? I can hear you, but I promise I will follow whatever he says.

That being said I am freaking out. The day they told me that I had misunderstood my exercise instructions I nearly had a melt down. I have just put things in the right direction again and now this. So, what did I do? I fed my depression cake, cookies and ice cream over three days. I know Intuitive Eating has taught me not to beat myself up, but that many calories with no exercise is a problem.

Now I am trying to moderate my calories and attitude until Wednesday and hoping for the best. But it goes to show I need help dealong with this stess eating thing, it's ugly.

Well, I better go nap. Sorry if there are spelling errors. Between being tired and writing this on my phone, it's bound to happen. :)

Yours in Health,

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