Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Funday

Well, actually, I am at work.  But I am doing my best to have fun.  I have 80's rock banging away in my headphones as I try to push up productivity.  We are having a potluck in a little while - I ordered in crab Rangoon and egg rolls as my contribution - yea, working hard. :)

As for the healthy thing, yesterday I was too busy to workout.  Those are words I hate, but I am going to make up for it tonight and tomorrow.  Tonight it's time to mow, originally planned for tomorrow, but with the heat index going over 100 again, uh no.  Instead I will do the yard tonight and believe me, it's a workout!

Tomorrow it's a workout with my mom.  She wanted to try kick-boxing with me leading the way tonight, but instead it's going to be golf for her.  I am very proud of her by the way.  She has joined the YMCA Healthy Living Center as part of the Livestrong program.  It helps cancer survivors and patients become healthier to help ward off the chance of recurrence.  Mom is several years past Ovarian cancer now, but anyone who has had that has a better chance of breast cancer and vice versa.  So, I am happy she is grabbing this opportunity - I have no intention of losing her anytime soon.

Mom and I will beat the heavy bag tomorrow afternoon.  I plan to put in a swim before we meet up.  Then I will be 'caught up' on my workouts for the week.  That's the key you know.  If life gets in the way, be flexible, make a plan and follow through.  I'm proud that I am able to do that.

Well, I better go, fried food will be here soon to share with my co-workers.  I know, "Bad Kate!"  But really, anything in moderation.

Yours in Health,

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