Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dad got to go home tonight & I ate vegetables

It has been a long two weeks. I have been sick, dad has been in th hospital. I haven't gotten to work out and my eating has been horrible.

Today they let my dad go home. He is weak and still unable to eat more than a few bites. He's in a lot of pain and he still has an infection. But he is home. I have faith that seeing his dogs and sleeping in his own bed will be a huge boost to his mental health. Recovery really is more than half a mental game. I will still keep a close eye on him.

As for me, not having to spend hours at the hospital every day means I will finally get to see the inside of the YMCA Healthy Living Center again tomorrow. I am very excited!

Also exciting? When I finally got home from helping my dad settle in at home, my roomie had made a wonderful vegetarian dinner. It included sweet potato fries (baked) and fresh green beans from our garden. There is hope for me yet!

Yours in Health,

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  1. Hi Kate,
    Just randomly looking through blogs and read your dad was ill. Sorry to hear that hope all is better soon.