Sunday, July 11, 2010

Long Busy Weekend Comes to an End

My father talked his way out of the hospital this morning. He promised to be an awesome at home patient in exchange for being let go to my niece Vivian's dedication to her church. By the end of the service dad was white as a sheet, but mentally healthier. Not only had he been freed from the hospital, but he got to see his granddaughter.

After the service I went to my mom's for brother Casey's birthday dinner. I had yummy chicken while everyone else had steak. After we had lemon cake and ice cream. I only ate about half. My mom took that to mean I didn't like it. I assured her it was fine, I was just full. And I was. What growth! I actually felt my fullness and stopped. Not that long ago I would have finished the dessert. It might have been out of fear of offending or pure gluttony or the unfounded fear that I might 'never get cake again'.

That last one may sound silly, but when you are a food addict, you need your fix. ]ou may even fear that food will never cross your path again. Really it's like any other addiction - a junkie needs their fix and they will get it by any means. They will hoarde their drug of choice and set up endless road blocks to keep others from getting it. Food is no different to someone like me, except I can never give it up. It's like an alcoholic having to learn to 'manage' their consumption- we know that doesn't work - but somehow we have to make it work with food.

Luckily I have found growth through my Intuitive Eating class at the Mercy Weight Loss & Nutrition Center. One of the first things Katie teaches you is that the food will always be there. There is no need to hoarde or binge, you can always get more. A concept, that for most in the U.S. is true and yet hard to fully embrace, it's why there are so many larger waistlines now.

Well, I better go, I have promised myself some real sleep tonight after we watch our recorded World Cup Final. BTW - I am back with trainer Gwyn tomorrow at the YMCA Healthy Living Center. I plan to ease into it after 2.5 weeks of having to do nothing.

Yours in Health,

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