Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Water Workout

Yesterday trainer Gwyn at the YMCA Healthy Living Center put me through my paces in the water. We went to the workout pool that's extra warm and we started with walking and then running across the pool to warm up.

Then Gwyn put a float belt on me and tethered me to the ladder. Then she gave me water handweights, which weigh nothing on land, but under water they weigh plenty. Then she had me run while floating and moving my arms, which moved the weights. After about 10 minutes, I actually broke a sweat - in the water - impressive.

Gwyn did it with me and said today her achilles was bothering her. I felt bad, the whole idea behind me being in the water is so that my knee and achilles get less wear and tear. Gwyn said she thought she was moving her feet wrong and her swim this morning made it worse. I'm not much of a swimmer, I mean I can but it's not my thing, I think that's why I donLt have a problem with my achilles in the water.

Anyway, I also worked out with her today. She really ripped up my biceps and triceps. By tomorrow I expect to have noodle arms. LOL.

Well, I better go to bed.

Yours in Health,

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