Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Feel Better - Vote

This blog is about my journey to be a healthier person.  I workout, I try to eat better, but there is a mental health aspect as well.  I address it briefly from time to time, but today is a good day for a reminder.

Sometimes we feel like everything is out of our control - truthfully it often is - but you can do your part to effect your preferred outcome.  Voting is one of those things.

You may never have met a candidate for governor or congress.  You may not have been following all of the issues that will appear on the ballot.  But you are an intelligent person who, with a few clicks on news sites and a Google search or two, can catch right up.

Using your intelligence and just a few minutes, you can release the pent-up frustration often felt when you don't believe anyone is listening.  Marking that ballot can be like letting the air out of a balloon, suddenly you don't feel so full - you feel looser, more pleasant and the stress is no longer pushing against you.

Will your candidate win?  Will your issue pass?  Maybe, maybe not.  The important part is that you participated, you released.  Plus, you can have a sense of pride because you showed your respect to our founders and every generation since that has fought for that right to vote.

And who couldn't use a little more feel good?

Yours in Health,

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