Monday, November 1, 2010

How Many Calories Does That Mini Candy Bar Have?

I vowed I would not be a Halloween Grinch and ruin the frivolity of the weekend with the reality of the calories.  But, it's Monday and November, so now is probably a good time to tell it like it is.

Candy, like everything else, can be consumed in moderation.  But when the portions get smaller, the reality meter is distorted.  They're so small, so I can eat 10 right?  Um, yes and no.  Yes, if you are accounting for them in what you eat.  No, if you are just blindly shoving them down because they seem harmless.

Besides a look back at what we have eaten, I wanted to blog this because most of these candies don't go away. On the contrary, they are repackaged featuring snowmen and reindeer and become 'holiday treats'.  That means this information isn't late, it's early. :)

I was going to go dragging around the internet and find calorie counts and serving sizes and then lay them out from best to worst.  Instead this morning I opened my Twitter and I found Hungry Girl had already done all the work.  In fact, she did an awesome job.  So, I have decided to share her hard work with you - Hungry Girl Halloween Candy Guide.   (I am a big fan of work smart and you don't have to work hard.)

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