Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday, that's all

I didn't really get an 'extra' hour of sleep last night.  I stayed up watching a "Dr. Who" episode I had not seen before.  It was really good, so no regrets.

Today I have been at work.  In a little while, it's a trip to the YMCA Healthy Living Center for a workout. Because of my double ear infection, no laps until at least Tuesday.  That's what I do for at least a half hour on Sundays, swim laps.  I really love it - great cardio and, while hard, somehow relaxing.  Instead I will do weights and running in the water.

Then dinner at my mom's.

Then a quick trip to Target and Half-Price Books.  The former has "Robin Hood" with Russell Crowe on sale.  The latter is to see if I can finish a collection for my nephew for Christmas - a project I started in April.

Then home to laundry.

I am boring.  But today, boring is okay.

Yours in Health,

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