Thursday, May 24, 2007

Feeling Fat

I weighed in on Tuesday and I hadn't lost any weight. I haven't posted because I didn't even want to type those words.

I am at a loss as to why the scale did not move. I ate exactly right and worked out like a fiend. Now mind you I did not gain at all, but still I am frustrated.

I am wondering if I am eating too well, as in keeping my calories too low for the amount of exercise I am doing. Am I causing my body to think it is starving and therefore it will hold on to what it has? Or is this simply an intermittent bump in the road where my body will take time to readjust to what I am doing? I am inclined to believe the later. But this is the first time the former could be true.

During this journey I have plateaued before. I looked back over my journal, there were even two periods where I sat at the same weight for three weeks. Just one thing, I wasn't working out when those happened and my eating wasn't that great. This time, I have an eating pattern that is nutritionally nearly perfect and I am moving my butt at every opportunity.

It has made me think of myself as disgusting for the first time in a while, I feel bloated and unsure. But one other thing has changed from my last negative bout with the scale, Luci (the evil voice) is barely registering with her sabotaging ideas. She of course believes I should have ice cream to drown my sorrows, "you can always start again tomorrow" she opines. Nah, I would rather spend my time trying to crack this nut.

Hy-Vee, a local grocery chain, has added a number of healthy services to their stores. One of them is on-staff nutritionists. I have written an e-mail to them to see if they can guide me on the whole - too few calories - thing. I have probably needed to sit down with a dietitian regarding my overall approach for a while, but I do not have the money. I am hoping to gather some information this way for free and go from there.

I have to find a way to be proactive in this situation. Otherwise I may go mad, while feeling fat and that would be a shame.

Best always, Ms_H
Weight - 183 pounds - Damn it.

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