Monday, May 21, 2007

Me and "the Girls" and this and that

I gave jogging a try the other night during my walk. It felt fine, my knees took the pounding well and everything, no soreness the next day. I really like the idea that I have come that far. Not that long ago, I couldn't have made it half a block. Saturday I ran a total of about 1/2 mile.

The breaker though was "the girls" they nearly knocked me unconscious. Refer to the girls however you will - nunga-nungas, bosoms, bazooms, tits or even dare I say, their proper name - Breasts. But I have to tell you, 38DD girls not properly restrained can beat you nearly to death.

So, further exploits in the world of running have been put on hold until this weekend when I get paid and can afford the right bondage. I seriously looked stupid out there bouncing around, my shirt even came flying up because everything was out of whack. Now, I do not usually care what people think of me on the street when I am working out, but I finally stopped running when even I became uncomfortable with the visual.

Oh well.

Yesterday I only had 30 minutes to cram in a walk, so I walked out the door vowing to make it to the Civic Center and back from work. That means I hit it hard, I even had a little strained look on my face ala Gerard Butler. I was able to walk the 1.8 miles in 28 minutes. That worked out to 15.5 minutes a mile. I was damn proud.

Getting ready to head out in a few minutes to put in a long walk. The route is a favorite, I go from home to Blockbuster to work to the library to the market and then home. It totals just over 4 miles. I am looking forward to it. However, I just stubbed my toe coming to the computer to blog; yes, I cursed, the nephew is gone. That's when Luci (remember the devil inside?) informed me that I should stay home and nurse it and of course, eat a cupcake to dull the pain. It's still twinging, but I am leaving the keyboard and going straight to change into workout togs.

By the way, finally took the time today to create a new workout playlist on my Zen, it's all Bon Jovi. :) Both "the girls" and I are very found of their bpm.

Best always, Ms_H
Weight - 183 pounds, though I weigh in tomorrow, so here's hoping.

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