Monday, June 4, 2007

Old Connections

I have had the joy of running into a few people I haven't seen in quite a while over the last couple of days. I also enjoyed a long visit with my best guy friend from high school. These contacts have left me feeling great.

#1 - I ran into a woman named Kathy who I know through politics. I haven't seen her in about a year. I was in Campbell's Nutrition and I had this sense that someone was following me, but it's a store, duh, someone probably was. Well, it turns that Kathy was trying to get a good angle on my face, to see if it really was me. She slid in front of me and said timidly, "Angel?" I smiled and said yes. She looked a bit flabbergasted and said, "Wow, you have, uh, changed." I continued to smile, tried not to chuckle and gave her the brief I give people when they ask: 77 pounds so far, healthy eating and exercise, sorry about that. It was a quick conversation, because she didn't quite know how to react. I reacted by feeling great.

#2 - I was at the Greek food festival Saturday night and ran into City Councilman Tom Vlassis and his very lovely wife Sophie. (She is a great activist for those with Lupus, among many other causes.) When Tom saw me he kind of nodded, but didn't fully have a look of recognition. Sophie flat out said, "I'm sorry, I am not sure I know you." I laughed a little and acknowledged that it had been quite a while, almost two years. I reintroduced myself; which I found particularly amusing to do as we were once good acquaintances. She was shocked. She asked how much I had lost and when I told her she shot a look at Tom, who is indeed overweight, and said, "Tom you should be doing that." Tom then mentioned that he had recently lost 7 pounds. I told him that was great and that it all starts with one pound.

I mean that, it does. Just like it starts with putting down that first drink or not lighting that first cigarette. Being overweight has as many reasons as any other affliction, but only you can find a treatment that will work for you. Because like addictions to alcohol, heroine or nicotine you go into recovery, you are never cured. It will be a life-long commitment to being healthy or the weight will kill you. Sadly unlike other substances, you can't just stop eating, you have to find a way to have an agreeable relationship with food.

An old friend...
David was home from San Francisco (okay, technically San Jose) the past few days. He was mostly visiting family, though he found time to have a full evening at a favorite old bar and see me for a couple of hours. We had coffee and got a chance to reconnect. He is as funny as ever, witty and fabulous and handsome. I sound like I am writing his personal ad. David's Blog That's his link if you are interested. ;) And here is a pic...

As for David and I, the truth is the past couple of years have been good to both of us.

He has been losing weight as well and looks pretty good, though he feels he has a few pounds left to lose. He showed me a pic from 2005, he had let himself go as much as I had. I am quite proud that he has made such a dramatic change as well. He deserves the best and I can't wait to spend more time with him soon. He had me contemplating a visit to the coast by the end of our date.

So basically the last few days have been a fine reminder of how far I have come. I may have been sitting atop a three week plateau, but it's loads better than where I have been before.

Best always, Ms_H
Weight - 183 - Though I weigh in tomorrow, here's hoping.

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