Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Running toward my goals

My day was redirected today when my step-mother called to say she had a migraine and could I keep Caelen tonight. Luckily for her the only must on my agenda was working out. Mind you I had no idea how I was going to cram that in with him along.

So I met my mom and step-dad for lunch with Caelen in a bit of a funk. Working out has become important to me mentally, as well as physically. (If you've been working out for a while, you know what I mean.) Well, they offer to take Caelen swimming that evening at the gym while I go upstairs and get in my workout.

It ended up working out well. We met them and Gordon and went on to the gym together. Mom and Bruce played with Caelen, who is becoming quite the swimmer for someone who isn't even 4.

Gordon and I went to the upper part of the gym with the machines and the track. I could tell that he really wanted me to run with him on the track, but something about that surface makes me a bit crazy. Though I did walk about a mile and a half on it, I got bored. So I headed for the treadmill, which I know is boring too, but I wanted a change.

I walked for a couple of minutes and then I did something I have been waiting for, I ran. Not just a block or two, but for 3/4 of a mile, non-stop, in 9 minutes. Then I cooled down with a walk and did a few leg machines, because I had already done my arms at home this morning.

I felt so empowered after the run. Now mind you, it was continuously flat terrain in air conditioning, so it was optimal. But I was impressed and damn it, that all that matters at the moment.

Best always, Ms_H
Weight - 176 (YES! I lost two pounds.)

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