Monday, October 20, 2008

A cold

Sorry for not posting over the weekend. By the time I wanted to post Saturday it was clear I was getting sick. Then yesterday I didn't move from bed except to pee. Basically this little cold from Wisconsin (thank you Ben & Abby - Lori's nephew & niece) knocked me on my butt.

Lots of sleep and water yesterday seem to have paid off. I am awake, upright and at work. I am even accomplishing a few things, including staying away from the cookies on the back table.

And I am even in a pretty good mood. Maybe I was just exhausted. Being tired can make you unreasonably hungry. LOL. Any excuse will do.

Today I have my second PT appointment. I hope to be given exercises to do when I am not at the therapist. I want to recover now! Ah, yes, I am getting back to 'normal'. Which is relative. (Not any of mine, but relative none-the-less.)

Yours in health, Kate

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