Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An Iowa Culinary Lesson

If there is potato soup at a hotel in West Des Moines, Iowa, it will have bacon in it - lesson learned.

I was on day two of legally stalking John McCain (aka- being in the local press pool) and they were feeding us lunch at a WDM hotel. The wraps looked good, but they had bacon in them. So when soup arrived, I was, "heck yea".

It was chock full of veggies and I grabbed a bowl. I was about 5 tablespoons in thinking how awesome it tasted when one of the national press guys (on his second bowl) said, "Oh, it's got bacon. No wonder it's so good."

I froze. I haven't eaten bacon or any form of red meat in about seven years. I tasted the remnants in my mouth, of course, I should have known that salty, smoky taste. I put the bowl down, grabbed a swig of water and ate half of the protein bar I brought as a back-up.

About 20 minutes later I discern that McCain isn't making anymore news on my beat for the day and head back to work. On the way my stomach starts swelling and I am overcome with ick.

To keep it relatively urp-free - I got sick as soon as I walked in the door at the office.

I went ahead and edited my audio and did some other work, including a surprise press conference with the Governor. Then I drug my dragging butt home and rested for 45 minutes before heading out to do some volunteer work.

Between my culinary misadventure and lack of sleep, I am hurting this morning. But I am hoping working hard today will get me ready to hit the gym this afternoon. Hoping.

Yours in health, Kate

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  1. Cheese soups too. I hate hate hate that. Even though I like bacon.