Monday, October 13, 2008

Damn It.

No 5K for me on Sunday.

I went to the orthopedist today. He thinks I have Patellofemoral pain syndrome.

So, I am banned from running or walking long distances for at least a week. After that, it is up to the physical therapist, which I now get to see twice a week for the next four weeks. For now, my cardio is swimming and any thoughts I had of running the 5K Sunday are out the window.

I am terribly frustrated by this, it makes me want to stress eat - lol. (Wish I was totally kidding there.) Anyway, a month of therapy, swimming and generally taking it 'easy' lies ahead. If after that time it's not better, I get to have an MRI and (gulp) that could mean surgery.

The upside? I have done the surgery thing before on this same knee - it sucked, it was awful and it took months to recover. Why on earth would that be the upside?

I am more fit now, weigh less and technology and surgery are eons ahead of where they were. Plus, the Orthopedist I have this time is highly respected and at a private hospital. The last guy was doing his community service for the year at Broadlawns - putz.

So, I am to take it easy today and go shopping. What? That's the other thing the doc said, my inch and a half, sensible heels, have to go until further notice. I am to wear flats. That is lovely, I own one pair, they are purple. This afternoon they will hopefully acquire cheap (but supportive) black and brown cousins. Is that covered by insurance?

Yours in health, Kate

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