Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Inspiration - Co-Workers

I have been busy or sick all week. I have not worked out for a week. Today will be no better, I plan to give my body one more day to feel lousy and that's it. I will get back to working out tomorrow. I will also get my food back on track. I have been better while I have been sick, but not perfect. I totally went off the tracks while caravanning with John McCain earlier this week and never quite got upright.

But right now I am at work and remembering Friday. On Friday, as I was about to go to the doctor to be - a. assured I am not anemic and b. told I probably have a sinus infection and given antibiotics - I was beeped in my office. Lori at the front desk wanted me to know a listener was bringing by a surprise - it was 3 dozen! donuts.

It appears he is a fan of my news. That's awesome. Not so awesome, the two and a half Donut King donuts I scarfed down.

But before I took my donuts, I walked the donut boxes around and offered everyone in the office a donut. (Part of me was hoping they would take them all, since my self-control is on the blink.) As I took them around, some people grabbed quickly and slyly, even taking two. But a number of others reached in and then backed out without grabbing one.

I remember being that girl. For the first 16 months of my journey I had this weird ability to look at anything and say no, or just take a small bite. Now, I struggle with not taking a second one, whatever it is.

So, my food got better over the weekend and I think I have my co-workers to thank. Watching them being able to turn away what many people consider the best donuts in town was an inspiration. The two Dans, Peg, Celia, Luke, Scott and a few others I am not thinking of, good for you and thank you.

Yours in health, Kate

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  1. Donut King donuts are the best. I wouldn't have turned them down.