Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Feeling a bit better

Why doesn't the scale move after one day of eating right and exercising? LOL. Just kidding.

But, honestly, yesterday I had a good day. I watched what I ate (and logged it) and worked out hard. My knee is acknowledging that today.

While I was at the doctor last week I talked to her about my left knee. I mentioned it at the beginning of September, it was rebuilt and now, it keeps putting me in pain.

I thought at first it was the specific exercises I was doing. But now, no matter what I do - run, bike, elliptical, squats, etc - it hurts like hell. Now, a normal person would say, "I better not exercise". A formerly obese, currently overweight girl, she just can't. I didn't run last week or do much of anything else and that doesn't work for me. I have to keep moving and cut calories to take off the weight.

Anyway, my doc took an x-ray of the knee and not surprisingly, found arthritis. But we agreed, that's not what this is. In fact, it feels like the back of my knee is broken, across the width of my leg. It's sore, sharp, throbbing and slips all at once. Yes, I know, ouch.

My doc is supposed to set-up an appointment with an orthopedist; if they haven't called by tomorrow I will call to remind them. I had joked about really pushing my knee so it actually hurt when I went in. (I didn't want mechanics syndrome, you know, "No, I swear, it makes that noise." But never in front of the mechanic.)

Ironically, I can't make it stop hurting this time and I haven't even been rough on it. That's mainly because I realized I at least need it to last until the 5K on the 19th.

Other than the knee though, I am in a better place. I plan to work on doing better everyday.

Yours in fitness, Kate

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