Friday, March 19, 2010

Hope on the Horizon

I have a secret, that I just can't tell, but it's BIG.  In fact, if it comes to pass, it's life altering. 

I had a great meeting today with two of my bosses and two ladies that have an energy and passion that is infectious.  The project we met about is incredibly close to me and I am beyond excited at all the possibilities.

But since I can't talk about what I am not talking about specifically....     :)

I will talk about the other important point here - my bosses.  I have four, they are as different and the same as any four people could be, but they are awesome in their own ways.  The two I want to specifically mention are Scott and Marianne. 

Scott is our Operations Manager for DMRG and our Program Director for both STAR 102.5 and LITE 104.1.  He is the do-it-all dad of two daughters that would make a killer political handler.  Scott can manage a million personalities and get the job done, most days with a smile on his face.  He believes in me, my work and my future.  He is kind and thoughtful and works as hard as anyone here, he has my great respect.

Marianne?  What can I say?  She and I were friends long before she was my boss and sometimes we both get so busy, we forget that part.  (We're way overdue for coffee.)  As a boss, she is fair, firm and inspiring.  She wants you to succeed and is always concerned for your well-being beyond work.  Marianne is a great check for me both when I am too passionate about something and when I am wearing down.  Even with the addition of her baby son, she finds a way to manage a department with more moving parts than the Space Shuttle.  She also has my affection and respect. 

They were both with me at this meeting that is giving me hope.  Whether this project pulls through or not, their support, belief and appreciation of me will not be soon forgotten.  It's moments like this I feel lighter, even when I haven't lost a pound. 

Yours in health,

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