Thursday, March 18, 2010

You're not the only one who is unappreciated

I get wrapped up in my personal crap.  I am so busy working and worrying, I often forget I am not the only one being taken advantage of.  This week I got a big reminder of this.

Without giving details, suffice it to say I forgot a friend of mine was human.  She has the same ability to just keep going and pull miracles out of nowhere that I do.  So, when she called in to question a meeting I had, I snapped at her, because I didn't like the attitude she used to question me.

I fumed, I was annoyed, I let it drag on me.  Then it started to wear on me and I realized it was because I wasn't any better, getting snippy with someone as busy as I am.  I wrote her a note of apology later.  But it really reinforced for me that I need to remember others.

Things may get tough sometimes, I may even seem alone, but I am not.  I have people in my corner and they are there, not only because they appreciate me, but because we seem to be attracted to the same corners.  :)

Yours in health,

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