Friday, March 5, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

My thoughts are steeped in ideas for two gardens right now - the one that I cannot touch until the snow abates and the one inside me. 

Yesterday, in utter desperation, I bought seed mats and a hanging strawberry mat from a friend's child for a fundraiser for my home's garden.  I will now have mat rings for my trees, mats for a butterfly sanctuary and the hope of strawberries all staring me in the face when they arrive in April.  Taunting me really.  Because, even though we have lost a lot of snow this last week, there is a couple of more weeks left in our Iowa winter and for all we know, it could snow in April.

Once the last of the white stuff does absorb into the ground, it will be a while before I can go into my yard without losing a shoe to the mud.  But once I can, I have glorious plans for a yard that is green, smart and will bloom all season long.  After this winter, I think I deserve it, we ALL deserve it.

It's also great physically and mentally.  I rip through weeds to workout stress and slowly my worldly concerns are washed away into the dirt and I am free.  When I actually have time I will spend 4, 6, even 8 hours in the yard reworking, maintaining and reinvigorating the yard.  Last year, mid-season, I had to have knee surgery which slowed me down.  My knee is better this year and I hope it will be even better by the time my first seeds are sown.

As for my inner garden, next week the new Intuition Magazine will be hitting stands all over Central Iowa.  There will 8,000 copies with my latest column inside.  I continue to share the truth about my life and I touch on tending my inner garden.  Suffice it to say journaling and meditation are more effective than I would have imagined. 

Perhaps, by the beginning of summer, both me and my yard will be in full bloom.

Yours in health,

P.S. - Here is a sneak at a piece of the cover for the March/April Intuition Magazine cover - it will give us all hope. :) 

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